Online Screenwriting Workshop

June 4, 2019 | Skype

“The workshop made it pain-free to shed the layers of an older draft and really weave its new skin in a supportive and nurturing environment. It’s usually nice to get feedback from one person but this felt like such a catch being able to hear from Gordy and four other classmates every time I wrote a set of pages. I would highly recommend it to anyone who can write a screenplay but like me gets bogged down or indecisive when the re-writing phase begins. A very handy class towards developing my ability in the craft.” – Nikhail

“Gordy personally challenged me to look inward and discover ideas much richer than what I had initially touched on in my first draft . His insight and encouragement proved invaluable during the course of the class.  What I came out with was so much better than what I started with. ” – Steve

“Gordy helped me tremendously as I wrote my first TV pilot – he was the only one to tell me that it wasn’t where it needed to be for where I wanted to go. He told me to write from a place of truth and not from a place of “writing for TV” and gave tangible suggestions on how I might do that. His feedback in hand, I embarked on a page-one rewrite. That rewritten script won the Drama Teleplay Award at the Austin Film Festival, was a finalist in the Page Awards, and helped me secure representation. I’m so glad for Gordy’s tough love feedback – it’s what I needed to move my script forward.”    — Stuti Malhotra


The BlueCat Online Screenwriting Workshop

June 4th – July 30th
Tuesdays 6:00 PM-9:00 PM PST
Meets via Skype
Registration: (Limit 8 writers)
New Student: $695 & Returning Alumni: $495


Looking for an opportunity to workshop your script in a collaborative process?

BlueCat offers online screenwriting workshops taught by screenwriting instructor, BlueCat founder and judge, Gordy Hoffman.

Develop your story into an emotionally engaging experience for your reader and your audience through this eight-week online workshop available on Skype.

Develop a brand new script, or rewrite an existing project. Features and TV pilots are welcome.

The group will focus on your work and provide constructive feedback on how to improve your script, including:

*The journey of your characters and why an audience could love them

*How dialogue reveals character, context, history, and environment

*The level of originality in every aspect of your story

*The credibility and logic of your plot decisions

*Ensure conflict compels your audience with full impact

*Keeping tone consistent

*Clean and functional action description

*Practical encouragement and direction to move your script towards production and career change


Your Homework

Every week, each writer will turn in pages per the assignment provided by the instructor, as well as read each other’s work. Through the process of learning to take and give feedback, as well as incorporate notes into your script, writers will improve their work and develop professional, constructive skills for storytelling.

If you have any questions, please contact BlueCat at [email protected]

Refund Policy: Full Refund available up to the start of the first workshop. No refunds after the start of the first workshop.

*Note: We will not meet on Tuesday, July 2nd.

Registration is now closed.