Alasdair Adie

BlueCat: Why did you start writing screenplays?

Alasdair Adie I’ve always loved writing and film, so writing screenplays seemed a natural progression. I love the style of writing for scripts and the challenge of writing visually.

BlueCat: What is your highest screenwriting goal for yourself?

AA: To watch an audience emotionally react to my work on screen – for them to laugh and cry. For people to feel as passionate as I do about what I write.

BlueCat: What aspects of the writing process do you struggle with the most?

AA: I love the whole writing process, although every piece is, for different reasons, a challenge. But writing is the “easy” part, promoting the finished script is what I really struggle with.

BlueCat: What movies do you watch to remind yourself that you love screenwriting?

AA: The Breakfast Club, Unbreakable, Kill Bill, The Goonies, Ronin.

BlueCat: What do you feel you do well as a screenwriter?

AA:  My day job as a lawyer helps me to write well succinctly and I hope I’m coning up with some original ideas with interesting twists.

BlueCat: Do you feel that screenwriting is different in your country than it is in Hollywood? If so, how?

AA: Well, we have old worldy pubs with roaring fires that I can sit in and have a great pint of bitter whilst writing on the laptop. It sometimes feels like there is less investment in films in the UK than there was a few years ago. The indy scene’s getting big here, I think.

BlueCat: What screenplay have you written which you feel most proud of and why?

AA: My latest screenplay. It started as a bit of an experiment, writing outside of my comfort zone but with elements of something quite deeply emotionally personal to me. I think it is developing into quite an original, surprising and captivating work.