Debi Lewis


BlueCat: Why did you start writing screenplays?

Debi Lewis: I started writing my first screenplay after I had finished my novel.  I would dream about my novel as a movie, so I researched and studied scripts, it was off from there.
BlueCat: What is your highest screenwriting goal for yourself?      

DL: My two highest goals would be to see my first screenplay The Appetite on the big screen being enjoyed and loved by all—I could then call myself a successful screenwriter!

BlueCat: What aspects of the writing process do you struggle with the most?

DL: The logline is my biggest struggle. I still don’t think I’ll ever get it right.

BlueCat: What movies do you watch to remind yourself that you love screenwriting?

DL: I watch all genres of movies. I get angry when I have sat through a movie and it is horrible.  I like to be so moved and consumed by a movie that it’s all I can think about and talk about the next day.

BlueCat: What do you feel you do well as a screenwriter?

DL: I know my characters inside and out. They are interesting, entertaining, and what we say Down Under here in New Zealand, ”one out of the box”. I think my screenplay is a dash of The Help and a tad Bridget Jones’ Diary, so that can’t be too bad can it?

BlueCat: Do you feel that screenwriting is different in your country than it is in Hollywood? If so, how?

DL: New Zealand traditionally downplays its successes. We are proud of Peter Jackson, and lets face it he is famous, but the difference would be in Hollywood he can just step onto the red carpet. Here in New Zealand he probably would have to supply his own!

BlueCat: What screenplay have you written which you feel most proud of and why?

DL: My first one is based on love, lust, and youth.  I like it the best because it takes me back to when life was just simple, sweet and easy.  I think we need that right now.