Screenwriters have questions about craft, about the business, about life; Gordy does his best to answer them all. Here are the Ten Essential Screenwriting Tip Videos by Gordy Hoffman.

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10. “How Do I Tell a Compelling Love Story Without Setting It in an Exotic Location or Period?”

Screenwriting Tips Video #13:

When you’re writing a screenplay about romance, is love in the area code? Gordy gives his insight into the genre.


9. “How Should I Use an Active Voice?”

Screenwriting Tips Video #16:

Are you using an active voice in your screenplay? Or are you in the habit of being passive? Gordy breaks down his philosophy.


8. “What If They’re Already Making My Story?”

Screenwriting Tips Video #23:

You just completed your film noir stoner comedy when you learn that James Franco has already written an identical story six months ago AND it’s in production at Fox. Worst of all, his title is the same! Is this the end of the line for Stoned Cold Killers?


7. “What is the Best Way to Find Representation?”

Screenwriting Tips Video #5:

Welcome to Los Angeles. Now get a job!


6. “How Should I Take a Wide Variety of Notes on My Screenplay?”

Screenwriting Tips Video #18:

What to do when your story “moves too slowly” and “has too many car chases.”


5. “What is the Best Way to Format My Script?”

Screenwriting Tips Video #4: 

INT. GORDY’S BRAIN – DAY… NIGHT…  How do I format this thing?


4. “How Do I Develop the First Act with Two Strong Characters?”

Screenwriting Tips Video #15: 

Gordy talks about introducing multiple characters – first impressions matter.


3. “How Many Pages Should a Scene Have?”

Screenwriting Tips Video #6:

Gordy tackles this time old question in one amazing continuous shot.

2. “What Principles for Dialogue Transcend Genre or Style?”

Screenwriting Tips Video #2:

Personally, I find it best to end every sentence with a question? So people will agree with me? Is it working?


1. “How Do I Win a Screenplay Competition?”

Screenwriting Tips Video #17:

The first step is to submit your screenplay. Or is it to write your screenplay? Either way, BlueCat can help.