2016 Winners and Finalists

Oreathia C. Smith, 2016 BlueCat Feature Winner, with Gordy Hoffman


Soon after announcing our winners, we receive many requests to read the top scripts from the people who’ve entered BlueCat.

Screenwriters want to know what the writers did to win—-I do!

We’ve asked our winners and finalists to introduce themselves to our community, to the industry and the world, and they’ve done a terrific job—-please find links to each below.

I personally love reading how my fellow screenwriters work, as it inspires me to write harder and try new things.

Hope you enjoy getting to know these special folks like we have!


2016 Winners and Finalists

Feature Winner
Oreathia C. Smith

Feature Finalists
Jonathan Holmes
Hannah Leshaw
Conall Pendergast
Justin Piasecki

Short Screenplay Winner
Elizabeth Capot

Short Screenplay Finalists
Tess Carroll
Nikki Tran
Nic Yulo

Joplin Winner (Best International)
Chad J. Nelson & Alexander Ellerston

Cordelia Winner (Best UK)
Haydn Fox

Roshan Winner (Best of India)
Paras S. Borgohain