Hello BlueCat Writers! It’s August, and that means we are writing every day in hopes of writing a script in one month!

Each day, we report what we wrote and share our progress with the BlueCat community.

There are three ways to participate: Facebook, Instagram and right here!

If you’re on Facebook, head over to our group, BlueCat Writers, where you can write alongside thousands of writers throughout the month.

If you live on Instagram, please follow our daily posts there, where you can share with the world the writing you have accomplished today.

And the third way to participate is to post your daily pages here! Please feel free to come back every day to this post and keep us updated——we will be looking forward to seeing your progress!

GoalPost celebrates our willingness to grow as writers, storytellers and artists. Goalpost allows you to focus on creation. Please join us as we continue to write the next great story!


Writers: Please post your daily progress in the comments below—-thank you!