Five Reasons I Ran To See SPY

Written by Ryan Roy

Ryan Roy is a produced screenwriter, 70’s movie lover, owner of a crazy Jack Russell, and the newest Bluecat script consultant.

At 9:10 pm last Friday night I finished vegan food in Los Feliz with three lovable jackass friends.

Then I impulsively decided to go to the 9pm SPY at Arclight Hollywood. You see that math. The movie started 10 mins before I decided to go see it.


I literally RAN to the theater, arrived 10 minutes later, bought a ticket to the Brian Wilson movie LOVE AND MERCY playing in an adjacent theater, and snuck into SPY 20 minutes after it started. Being sneaky is fun. This movie was not. More on that later.


Here are the five reasons I ran to see a movie that had already started.



Rotten Tomatoes 95%. That should be enough reason right there, but it is not. I know what movies I like and why, and Rotten Tomatoes isn’t always an arbiter of what I like. BUTTTTTT, 95%?!?! That’s hard to argue with…



I superduperninjaguffawgigglesplat adored BRIDESMAIDS. Loved it! I have seen it like 10 times. I even bought the DVD and lugged it to my badass Godfather’s house in Maine. LOVED IT like THE OFFICE (the BBC’s, of course.) Paul Feig made BRIDESMAIDS. Paul Feig made SPY? I am all in! Bring on SPY! I will run to go see it.



Good comedies are soooo few and far between. I mean, seriously, when was the last time you genuinely laughed at a flick, in a theatre? I can’t remember the last big ticket comedy that made me shoot snot out of my nose. I, we, are so desperate for that kind of pure communal escape—is there anything better that laughing until you cry in a packed theater. Umm, nope. I was hoping SPY would be that kind of moviegoing experience.



I like Melissa McCarthy. I like any human being that isn’t afraid to let it all hang out, and I especially like that in a comedic actress. She was FEARLESS in BRIDESMAIDS. Unafraid to use every bullet in her pistol to work within the script, and the ensemble—she killed! Some of her scenes still make me laugh so hard I scare my dog.



I didn’t have trailer burn from the movie, and had no idea what to expect.


Those are the five reasons I ran to see SPY. Good reasons! I had a pre-existing relationship with the principal actor (McCarthy) and the writer/director (Feig), knew nothing about the movie, and was in the mood to laugh. As I was running towards it, I genuinely got more and more excited to see it.

I arrived 10 minutes late. And I left a half-hour before the movie ended.


My next posting will be titled, The Five Reasons I Walked Out Of SPY.


My name is Ryan. I have a 10-year old Jack Russell, I eat way too much sugar, and I write.