2015 Short Screenplay Quarter Finalists

This year, we set a new record of

1730 short screenplay submissions.


Approximately five percent of those scripts

have been selected

to advance in the competition.


Congratulations to the Quarter Finalists!


A Life in Limbo by Gill White
A Trip Down Mary Ann Lane by Despina Karintis
Alienating Alliteration by Karen Loseff
An Ordinary WednesdaySaturday by Nick McMurdy
Ark City Jazz by Boaz David Dror
Avid Sniffer by Lauri Lippmaa
Balloon Guy by Paul Williams
Belonging by Jessica Spinelli
Between the Rock by Richard D. Kinsella
Bingo by Daniel Pike
Boomerang by April McKay
Boomerang the Great by Ana R. Dominick
Breathe by Theo James Krekis
Browsing by Kevin Noonan
Cobblestone Waltz by Klemen Novak
Come of Age by Gerard Dempsey
Confiance by Tony French
Cricket by Jim Berg
Daddy’s Girl by Napoleon Ryan
Deal With It: A Tale of a Loving Father by Nicholas Hewitt & Nick Marro
Do Not Disturb by Ellen Hall
Double Dealing by Tracey Robinson
Dragonslayer by Tim Viola
Droppings by Chris Thompson
8:49 by David Burton
Elixir by Colin Scott
Endorheic by Jeremy Yonzon
Family Programming by Gregg Paul Bachman
Family Trip by Eric Wall
Father by Corina Maritescu
Feral by Jaine N. Eira
Fire by Brian MacEvilly
First Day by Anabelle Vo
Generation Ship by Gerrit Thompson
Girl At The Window by Ed Wiles
Gloaming by Ben Lange
Goodbye Fusion by Anne-Sophie Marie
Gorgeousroomkissingville by Sam Mossler
Hairline by Edmund Miller
Hands Free by Gerard Dempsey
Hanged Tongues by Élyssa Marcoux-Bissoondath
Happy Birthday by Jan Pavlacky
Head Trip Latte by Yordi Capó
Hit the Dog by Gabriel Loza
Home Fires Burning by Anders Vacklin
How I Met Your Daddy by Sivuyile Chitywa
How Winter Kills by Jack E. Norton
If You Go There by Stacy Alynn
Immaculate Deception by Haldon Richardson
Incident on I-95 by Fred Perry
Joy Ride by Niav Conty
Khalid Waseem by Salim Penn
Labor Day by Kallie Tenney
Les The Punter by Julian Williams
Life Cycle by Shelia Watson
Little Mate by Keagan Teare
Loose Ends by David Viau
Miss Moscow by Michele Atkins
Moment Mob by Geoffrey Uloth
Next by Declan Donohoe
Once Upon A Zombie Invasion by Sarah Loeppke
One Pin Spare by Ashley Pollard
Order 101 by Karen Hope
Phoenix by Sarah Counsell & Simon James Green
Pretzelina by E.M. Davis
Prisoner and Bird by Jillian Moylan
Reaper by Patrick Mahon
Reboot by Dave Lacey
Replanting by Mary Krell-Oishi
Silenced by Sandra Held
Silk by Danielle Barcena
Six Months of Wonder Woman by Susan Fleming
Sol Amor by Francis Theodore Sallo
Sophie’s Promise by Terry Coffey
Statuesque by Shane Murphy
Strangers in the Night by Kara Cutruzzula
Stronghold by Cornelius Murphy
Tether by Eve Symington
The Cleaner by Manos Ioannou
The Diary of a Chosen One by Brittany Drawdy
The Gazebo by Richard Willett
The Goldfish by David Yap
The Kung-Fu Rock Chick by Caryn McCann
The Last Days of the Dolores Project by Ludwig Thelin
The Last Sneeze by Andrew Pittman
The Letter by Alvin Easter
The Line by Ryan Cope
The Man with Hairy Teeth by Bryce Wolfgang Joiner
The Millionaire’s Wife by Jeremiah Lewis
The More Things Change by Ashley Rachel
The Only Fruitcake by April McKay
The Projectionist by Guy Pooles
The Railroad Lady by Timo von Gunten
The Runner by Edgar Cancel
The Strange and Crude Yet Punctilious Fate of Epoch Crab by Dennis T. Nixon
The Undisputed Champion of the World by John Morrison
2084 by Matthew Wygodny
Una Plus Lionel by Angelique Moseley
Unsupervised by Dylan Evans
Vampir by Anya Beyersdorf
Vendgeance Machine by John Shelley
Wake by Darren Robert Tibbits
Warring Sighs by Claire Nicol
Watermelons by Lorie Delap
When The Ghost Left by Alyssa Yerga-Woolwine
Wolfmother by Emily Bloom
Your Children Are Not Yours by Mitja Sirola
Zen and Gummy Bears by Max Liedtka


Competition Results Announcement Schedule: 

  • Semi-Finalists will be announced March 15th, 2015.
  • Shorts Finalists will be announced April 4th, 2015.
  • Feature Finalists will be announced April 6th, 2015.
  • Joplin Award will be announced April 7th, 2015.
  • Cordelia Award will be announced April 8th, 2015
  • The Shorts Screenplay Winner will be announced April 9th, 2015.
  • The Feature Screenplay Winner will be announced April 10th, 2015.




Thanks to everyone who submitted to BlueCat, we were blown away by the response this year and grateful for all your hard work!


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