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Join Gordy live on Ustream as he announces the 2015
Feature Finalists!  

April 11th at 11 AM PST!


The Feature Winner receives a $15,000 Cash Prize

Four Finalists receive a $2,500 Cash Prize


This year, we set a new record of 4494 Feature Screenplay submissions.

Tune in and join us as we announce the Top Five! 


Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream


Congrats and Good Luck to 2015 Top Ten Features!

Thank you to everyone who submitted their Feature Screenplays.


 Girls in White by Chloe Sabbs

i by Alex Rollins Berg

Mouth by Kimi Howl Lee

Pedro by Amelia Phillips

Scriptures and Cigarettes by Joseph O’Driscoll

Taking the Toll – The Life and Life of Gilbert Booth by Theodore Schaefer & Patrick Lawler

The Anxieties of Peter Wilhelm by Palmer Holton

The Lawn Girl Diaries by Deirdre Morales

The Savage Land by Jesus Celaya

Tiny by Kendell Courtney Klein