2015 Feature Finalist Table Read in Hollywood

At the BlueCat Offices in Hollywood this past Sunday, we held a live table read of our 2015 Feature Finalist script, Scriptures and Cigarettes, written by Joseph O’Driscoll.


After a near-death experience, a devout Mormon teenager experiments with the outside world for the first time, risking his relationship with his family and community.

We were happy to have a lineup of eight terrific actors at the reading, including Anthony Michael Hall (Foxcatcher) and Shawn Michael Howard (American Dad!).


2015-05-31 05.27.08



Joseph O’Driscoll with BlueCat founder Gordy Hoffman:


Andy Cohen (Nephi) on left:

2015-05-31 05.18.04

Roxy Shabestari (Madison) on center left:


Anthony Michael Hall (Jacob) and Andy Cohen (Nephi) share a moment.


Shawn Michael Howard (Bishop Redd) shares a smile.

2015-05-31 05.15.59

Gordy Hoffman takes notes.


Joseph O’Driscoll follows along as his script comes to life.

If you are a Producer or Agent and want to get in contact with Joseph, please email him at josephammonodriscoll@gmail.com