Best UK Screenplay Award Call For Entries 2014

The Cordelia Award

Best UK Screenplay

Call For Entries

The BlueCat Screenplay Competition remains committed to the development of screenwriters worldwide.

In this spirit, BlueCat Competition gives the Cordelia Award to the Best Feature Screenplay we receive annually from the UK.

Every writer from the UK is eligible for the Cordelia Award, while remaining eligible for all main competition awards and receiving written analysis on each submission.

The Cordelia Award winner will receive a cash prize of $1500 USD.


This year, BlueCat will accept short screenplays and establish one of the largest cash prizes in the world for a short screenplay contest, with the winner being awarded $10,000. Three Finalists will be receiving $1500 each.

Overall, the cash prizes will nearly double to over $43,000, with the Grand Prize for the Best Feature Screenplay increasing to $15,000. Four finalists will receive $2500 each.

The Best Feature screenplay from outside the USA, Canada and the UK will be awarded the Joplin Award and will receive $1,500.

Each Short Screenplay submission will receive one written analysis, while each Feature Screenplay entry will receive two.

Students will be eligible to submit their short screenplay at a discounted rate of $29 for the duration of the competition.

Entrants will be able to submit a short screenplay with an option not to receive feedback, and all submissions will be eligible for a Resubmission entry if received by the October 15th deadline.


All Short Screenplay submissions received by June 15th will receive their feedback by July 1st.

All Feature Screenplay submissions received by July 1st will receive their feedback by July 15th. 


BlueCat prides itself in its leading reputation as a community for developing screenwriters. We hope these great changes will cement our mission—-to support and develop the undiscovered screenwriter——in all of us, today and days ahead.