10 NYFF Screenwriters to Watch

Alex Ross Perry


Who is he?

Alex Ross Perry’s previous film, The Color Wheel, was named the best undistributed film of 2011. 

What is he showing at NYFF?


listen-up-philip-welivefilm-sundance-2 (1)
Listen Up Phillip is an American drama starring Jason Schwartzman as a self-absorbed writer anxiously awaiting the publication of his novel amid the chaos of a shaky relationship with his girlfriend played by Elizabeth Moss.


Lisandro Alonso and Fabian Casas


Who are they? 


Lisandro Alonso and Fabian Casas are Argentinian writers. Alonso directs while Casas is a poet and  novelist.


What are they showing at NYFF?


Jauja is Alonso’s first period film, set in the 1870s and stars Viggo Mortensen as a Danish military engineer who must cross Patagonia to search for his teenage daughter.


Olivier Assayas


Who is he? 


Olivier Assayas won the Golden Osella for screenwriting at the 2012 Venice Film Festival for his film, Something in the Air.


What is he showing at NYFF?



In Clouds of Sils Maria, Juliette Binoche portrays a middle aged actress who must come to terms with celebrity culture, internet rumors, and pretty young starlets.



Gillian Flynn


Who is she?

Gillian Flynn is the author of the novel Sharp Objects, Dark Places, and most recently, Gone Girl.


What is she showing at NYFF?



Gone Girl promises to be a rousing mystery with an all-star cast including Ben Affleck, Rosalind Pike, Neil Patrick Harris, and Tyler Perry. According to Flynn, the film will deviate from the novel, so no worries if you’ve already read the book.



Ronald Bronstein and Joshua Safdie


Who are they?

Ronald Bronstein and Joshua Safdie are long time screenwriting collaborators. Their previous film, Daddy Longlegs, won the International Federation of Film Critics award.


What are they showing at NYFF?



Heaven Knows What is a drama/love story about two New York vagabonds struggling with addiction and their manic love affair. 



Bruce Wagner


Who is he?


Bruce Wagner is a screenwriter, novelist, and producer known for his acerbic view of Hollywood and the entertainment industry.


What is he showing at NYFF?



Maps to the Stars is a satirical drama directed by David Cronenberg about the fate of a fictional Hollywood dynasty starring Julianne Moore, Mia Wasikowska, Robert Pattinson, and John Cusack.


Gregory Burke


Who is he?


Gregory Burke is a Scottish playwright best known for The Black Watch, which met critical acclaim and has been performed all over the world.


What is he showing at NYFF?



’71 is the story of a shell-shocked British soldier in Belfast who is accidentally left behind by his unit in the aftermath of a bloody riot.


Mike Leigh


Who is he?

Mike Leigh is the writer/director of Golden Lion winner Vera Drake, Career Girls, and Topsy-Turvy, among countless others.


What is he showing at NYFF?



Mr. Turner is a biopic written and directed by Leigh, about J.M.W. Turner, the 18th century British painter whose creative vision would influence generations of artists.


Paul Thomas Anderson


Who is he?


Paul Thomas Anderson is the acclaimed writer/director of Boogie Nights, There Will Be Blood, and The Master.


What is he showing at NYFF?


Inherent Vice Movie (1)

Based on the novel with the same name by Thomas Pynchon, Inherent Vice is the story of a Los Angeles private detective investigating the disappearance of an ex-lover’s boyfriend.


E. Max Frye & Dan Futterman


Who are they?


E. Max Frye & Dan Futterman started off as television writers on Band of Brothers and Judging Amy, respectively.


What are they showing at NYFF?


Foxcatcher poster

Foxcatcher is a psychological thriller based on the true story of Olympic Wrestling Champion Mark Schultz and his overbearing relationship with psychopath, John du Pont. Channing Tatum and an almost unrecognizable Steve Carell star.