Venetia Ginakakis – 2019 Half-Hour Pilot Finalist

Artemis of Chicago

Artemis navigates single life at an age her Greek-American family considers too late while desperately trying to find a date to her late father’s traditional funeral.

About Venetia Ginakakis:

My lil’ comedy here came out of a lot of grief and binge eating Fiber One bars. I come from a large joyful and fraught Greek family. I think this pilot captures that laugh/cry vibe I felt everywhere after my dad passed away. With Artemis of Chicago, I wanted readers to experience the hilarious specificity that is Greek-American households all over the US and the community atmosphere that embraces you anywhere you go in Chicago. Both are such a wonderful thing to be a part of, I wish everyone could experience it.

I’m currently working on the PERFECT HARMONY NBC Comedy Pilot and I have been a TV Writer’s Assistant on PEARSON, MINDHUNTER, and FIRST LAW. Going forward with my writing, my goal is to be less critical, write truthfully, and spark little moments of laughter and recognition in others.

Contact Venetia Ginakakis:

Email: venetia.ginakakis@gmail.com

Twitter: @veginakakis