Sivakrishna Vakamullu – 2019 Short Finalist

Only Dead Know the Dead

A railway trackman on night duty watches a young man's dead body waiting for the autopsy team to collect it. His thoughts and experience do not make a right match!

About Sivakrishna Vakamullu:

I was born in a small village in the Southern part of India. During my childhood, I loved hearing various mythological stories and epics told by my grandfather and was fascinated by them. When I was about 10, I started writing my own stories.

Till my 23rd year, I wrote stories just for fun, however the desire to turn my stories to movies started around this time.  Once this desire started, I focused on making sure my stories are suitable for movies; I started writing screenplays and scripts.

This is my first attempt at sending my screenplay to an international forum, I am very excited to be a part of the ‘finalists’.

Inspiration for the story and screenplay

The title  of the story is  ‘ Only Dead knows the death’

The reason for this title is – our village stays very close to a railway track and every 15 minutes we could watch a train go by. The villagers call the train as “Tiger”.  It is fearfully called as the Big Cat since the majority deaths of cattle and men pertaining to the village, whether accidents or suicides are caused by the Train.  The Train is looked as the Tiger with every daybreak.

I have seen and heard about many unexpected deaths. Strong, bold, wise and naïve people – all are part in the dead. The deaths–their reasons, behind stories- left awe in the eyes of the listeners. Almost similar with every death has left an unanswered question in mind since childhood.

Those who are alive can never experience death, those have seen death can never come back to life, so what is the point of this discussion about death?

The very reason for so much discussion emanating on the sojourn of the Death is, what we cannot experience may get satisfied by the reasons behind.

Bringing the experience of death as far possible, once again, to the onlooker and rising the curiosity to understand death is the main story point of ‘Only dead knows the death’.

Goals as Screenwriter

To confess honestly, the goal is to view the world as an onlooker, without getting entangled; To put it in writing ‘unbiased’.  To present the same experience as I perceive through senses, to the clientele, be my book readers or my cinema viewers.


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