Laura Quigley – 2022 Short Film Script Finalist


Albert Wetherby is tired of being lonely and orders some company, but the young woman who arrives is so much more than he ever expected.

‘Room’ is a dark but strangely spiritual tale of two very different people meeting in the most uncomfortable moment of their lives.

Albert Wetherby was one of the first characters I ever created, which shows you what a weird kid I was. Over time, his story developed, and ‘Room’ emerged from a very dark place in my imagination. KC burst into my life with a courage I wish I had. I think it’s my bravest work, which is why everyone who reads it loves it so much. There are moments when I can’t believe I’m the person who wrote it, and for me, that’s a sign of something special. Albert Wetherby and his visitor, the broken but defiant KC, exist outside me, and I love them as though they are real people. I wish I could make things better for them, but I’m a writer, so it’s my job to make things as horrible as possible.

So who am I? I’ve been a writer working without an agent (or a safety net!) for a long time now, writing fiction and non-fiction, theatre, books and poetry, and I feel like I’ve already lived many lives. I was born in a sleezy seaside town, grew up a migrant kid travelling across Australia, then returned to England to study drama in Liverpool. My first full length play won Amnesty International’s Human Rights Playwriting Award. I’ve worked most recently with Theatre West in Bristol, and came second in the Scottish Arts Trust’s International Short Story Competition. I’ve published poetry, and performed as part of the 1418NOW commemorations for the War Graves Commission. I also work passionately for education, mental health, the environment and local history, which I see as all part of the same extraordinary adventure into why we are all here.

Contact Laura: lauraquigley99@gmail.com

Linkedin: lauraquigleywriter

Twitter: @lauraqwriter