Jared Lopez – 2020 Pilot Finalist

Fear of Trembling

In the wake of his grandfather's death, a repressed teenage evangelist begins receiving prophetic visions from God, forcing him to confront his faith, family, and fear of the apocalypse.

I was born in Loma Linda, CA. I’m the second of four children. I apparently talk in my sleep.

I was raised Seventh Day Adventist. As a child, my biggest fear was being left behind during the Rapture to burn with other sinners, while everyone I knew and loved partied it up in Heaven. At that age I also liked playing with Legos and drawing stick figures.

According to Adventists, Saturdays are sacred, pork is forbidden, and God’s Not Dead 2 is a solid movie. It was only a matter of time before I started having doubts. My fall from grace was gradual. It started with sneaking downstairs to watch Saturday morning cartoons, transitioned to tasting pepperoni, and escalated to watching (and falling in love with) The Matrix. My status as the black sheep of the family was cemented when I went to Harvard and studied philosophy.

After trying (and failing) to figure out the meaning of life for four years, I moved to New York City and became a consultant. Tired of thinking about abstract questions, I tried to solve tangible ones – what markets should we enter? How can we make this product profitable? Where do you wanna party on Friday night?

But the big questions kept following me and I finally gave in to what I knew deep down all along: I wanted to be a writer. I enjoy stories that make me laugh, cry, and think. Ones that are oddly specific, but tap into the emotions and truths that bind us all. I hope to do the same with my own writing.

Fear of Trembling draws on my experiences as a former Seventh Day Adventist and the experiences of my siblings, who serve as student evangelists. It follows a teenager’s crisis of faith as he confronts the possibility that he may be a prophet living in the End Times. It explores loss, faith, friendship, and family, finding the humor in these subjects while treating each with respect. The story is personal, funny, absurd, touching, thrilling, and suspenseful. And I love it. I hope you do too.


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