Eric LaPlante & Susie Moon – 2019 Feature Finalists


Rose, a geology professor juggling menopause, an elderly mother with dementia and a career in crisis has her world upturned when her 19 year old daughter Bibi elopes with her boyfriend Martin during a routine survey of sandstone in the CA desert.

When Susie first started dating her geologist husband John, he gifted her a book called The Rocks Don’t Lie, sparking a fascination with how geology can make you feel tiny and incredibly important at the same time.

She never read the book, but knowing of Eric’s shared interest in science, we wanted to write a story about a geologist that is at once universal and specific; science is the background and conduit for a story that above all things has fascinating, richly imagined characters.

Neither of us have an educational background in geology but our interest in developing this script stemmed from the thematic implications the study of rocks poses: layers, time, cosmic insignificance as well as interconnectedness. That all sounds pretty heavy, but we think this script will have plenty of fun on the journey.

Some questions you may have:

Q. What does Alejandra mean?

A. Alejandra is the name of a u-shaped sandstone formation that our characters are studying for the week. Is it a real formation? Sure. It sounds real enough, doesn’t it?

Q. A movie about geology sounds pretty serious. Is this movie funny?

A. Yes!

Q. What kind of geologist jargon can we expect?

A. You’ll get such topics as the Miocene era, injectities, and resistivity logs covered for your enjoyment.

Q. Do the scientists make a huge discovery like a cure for cancer or the key to levitation?

A. No. But maybe they’ll find some water.

Q. So if this movie isn’t about a big massive scientific discovery, what is it about?

A. This is a character-driven tale that demonstrates growing up hurts no matter how old you are. Think Alexander Payne with a dash of Mike Leigh.

Eric Laplante is a filmmaker based out of New York City, you can find his work at www.ericjlaplante.com. He and his wife live with their basset hound Betty Draper.

Susie Moon is from Houston, Texas. She graduated from NYU’S Tisch School of the Arts with an MFA.

Susie and Eric have worked together on a number of movie projects, many of which have toured the festival circuits. They first met when Eric directed a short film written by Susie while she was at NYU. Eric has worked for over 15 years as a cinematographer and director based out of New York City.

Eric makes his own yogurt. Susie has a moderate fear of heights.

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