2011 Fellini Awards Winner Cime Bruce

Talk of Mifton

A young girl who dreams of escaping her suffocatingly small town the day after her eighteenth birthday is injured in an accident that leaves her without the ability to talk or move. Now she must use her new gift on her caregivers if she is to continue to live.

BlueCat: Tell us a little bit about your Talk of Mifton.

Cime Bruce: Talk of Mifton is about a girl with dreams of leaving her suffocatingly small town the day after her eighteenth birthday but is injured in a car accident that leaves her quadriplegic and without a voice. She discovers she has a special gift of persuasion over people and must use it to save herself from her caregivers.

BlueCat: How long have you been writing screenplays?

Cime: I’ve been writing screenplays since about 2002. The first one was about AIDS so there was a lot of research before writing which was a process I enjoyed.

BlueCat: How many screenplays have you written?

Cime: I’ve written five screenplays. It’s an evolution. I see stronger writing in each one.

BlueCat: What made you decide to enter BlueCat?

Cime: I Googled top five legit screenplay contests and more than one list named BlueCat as legit and important.

BlueCat: Are there any writers that have influenced your work?

Cime: When I was living in New York I bought a copy of Woody Allen’s Without Feathers from a street vendor. This book changed everything for me. It said, “Write for yourself and someone will get you.”

BlueCat: What’s your writing process like?

Cime: The origin is usually the character or some dialogue. Then I create their story; how they look, where they live, what they do; the people around them and of course, their goal.

BlueCat: What are your goals with the script after winning the Fellini Awards?

Cime: My goal is to write more and improve. I would love to sell a screenplay, (or two!). It would be a dream come true to see my screenplay produced.

BlueCat: What’s your favorite screenplay that you’ve read?

Cime: I generally do not read screenplays. I don’t like to read when I’m writing. But there are films that have moved me to write with an urgency: Boogie NightsCrumbMagnolia.

BlueCat: What have you learned from your BlueCat experience?

Cime: The BlueCat experience has taught me what Without Feathers taught me; write for myself and someone will get it.

BlueCat: What’s next for you as a writer?

Cime: I just completed an original one-hour tv pilot, co-created a half-hour comedy and I’m writing my first thriller.