Bradley Hathaway – 2022 Feature Finalist

Old Man Young Man Snake

A teenage boy is on the run in the middle of a North Dakota winter. He finds refuge at a secluded camp run by a mysterious old man that may or may not have his best interests in mind.


Writer, musician, and Christmas tree farmer. I believe that less is more when draped with layers of meaning. I mean it. The only boundary is the pursuit of excellence…and a budget.

Old Man Young Man Snake is the first of three loosely related stories united by mood and themes. Each is filled with and inspired by silence, nature, and the tension between willpower and destiny. Let’s make it beautiful.

If you want to know more, give me a holler but for now I live in a trailer on a dirt road and the cell reception is a bit spotty.

Contact Bradley Hathaway: bradleymhathaway@gmail.com