2016 Feature Finalist Jonathan Holmes

In the Cradle of Granite

When a young girl discovers the corpse of a notorious outlaw, her father must strike a deal with the stranger bringing the body to justice. Miles from civilization in the harsh Oregon frontier, together the two men will discover a bounty is always best earned alone.

My name is Jonathan but I typically go by Jay. I was born in Honolulu Hawaii but I have lived in the pacific northwest for most of my life. I love the outdoors and you’ll find me fly fishing, climbing or hiking most weekends. Part of the inspiration for my story came from the astonishing views Oregon provides on a daily basis. The sprawling mountains and endless forests have always seemed prime for a story about survival and hardship.

I love movies of all genres and I always knew I wanted to write compelling stories. I love stories that challenge perceptions, that surprise you, and that evoke powerful emotions. In the Cradle of Granite on its surface comes off as a straightforward western, but I believe as it progresses a more modern story begins to come to light, a story made unique by its period and characters. I’ve written other scripts before in a contemporary voice, but a western was a fun opportunity to do some real interesting character research. Learning about period accurate dialogue, trapping methods, clothing, and firearms, was a daily joy. These days I’m researching theoretical spaceship engines. And that’s what I really love about writing, the opportunity to create a variety of worlds and fill them with life.

Email: Holmes5387@gmail.com