2020 Finalists

Congratulations to the 2020 BlueCat Screenplay Competition Finalists!!!


There are 5 feature finalists out of a total of 3552.

Diablous in Musica by Amanda Krader
Focus by Laura Dobre
Son by Allison Webster
South Side Girls by Edith Rodriguez
Sundays Only by Joe Borg



There are 5 pilot finalists out of a total of 1423.

An American Tale by Jane Barr
Entre Nos (Between Us) by Jesenia Ruiz
Fear of Trembling by Jared Lopez
Our Vision by Liam Hale
Squad by Tevin Knight


There are 5 short finalists out of a total of 1014.

All You Want to Know by Laurel Kulow
Calle Cola by Aaron Richmond-Havel
Hat Weather by Allison Theveny
Hawk Bells by Kristian Mercado Figueroa
Pebble by Oliver Giles


The 2020 BlueCat Screenplay Competition Semi-Finalists can be found here.