2013 Competition Quarterfinalists

We are proud to announce the 2013 BlueCat Screenplay Competition Quarterfinalists!

We received a record 3391 submissions with the 341 Quarterfinalists representing the Top Ten percent.

#1062 by Clara Aranovich
2 Ton Cobra by Eric Bet
50 Years In 50 Minutes by Andrew Ferguson
A Better World by David Heiman
A Book By Anthon Kepler by Vartanoush Torossian
A Break From You by Juan Sebastian Moreno
A Cat’s Tale by Kendal Alexander Whitlock
A Death in the West by Robert Haffey
A Killer Among Us by Marion McNair
A Long Mile by Graeme Robertson
A Meetng in Seville by Paul Mendelson
A Phantom and A Fly by Pat Monger
A Proper Affair by Jessica von Schramm
A Woman in the Shadows by Julia Fontana
Afterworld by Stephen Kopernik
Akumu by David Bishop
All of the Stories in the World by Allison Davis
Always a Pleasure by John Dieffenbach
Always Maryanne Bright by Robin D. Fox
Ancestral by Jane C. Rosen
And Validated by Maja Biton
Angel & the Bat by Jon Christopher
Angel of Liberty by Ryan Denmark
Anne Bonny: A Pirate’s Life by Karen Loseff Lothan
Antioch by Keely Flanagan
Arena by Timothy W. Planagan & Christian Pettit
Art Addict by Kathryn S. Taylor & Marek Glinski
Aunt Molly’s Meltdown by Deirdre L. Brenner
Awaken by Stuart Price
Aziza by Joan Olmstead
Bad Review by Patrick Connelly
Banner Hero by Lise Larsen Pyles
Bedbugs by Adam Grabinski
Bedouin by Patricia Donovan & Michal Bigger
Believe by Christopher D Bacon
Beneath the Surface by Deirdre L. Brenner
Bestseller by Ross Van Leeve
Better Ask Esther Chow by Christopher Boyce
Big Bones by Soulla Tantouri Eriksen
Bikini Meat Locker by Simon Hewitt
Black Panther by Michael Pica and Tanya Gluzerman
Black Sea Rose by Deirdre L. Brenner & Jillian Reilly
Blood and Dreams by Suzanne Griffin
Blood Oil by Neringa Bryant & Maureen Sheehan
Blue Pit by Blaine Tyler
Bob’s Your Uncle by Joel and Lisa Canfield
Bodyslammed by Satnam Purewal
Boomtown by Darren Montufar
Born A Dragon by Michael Spohr
Born by Fire by Morgan von Ancken
Brother Daniel by Elizabeth Agate
Bruised by Michelle Rosenfarb
Bullsh*t by Ben Murray
Bus Money by W. Paul Apel & Ryan Gorman
Buster by Tracy S. Wolfe
Busy Bee by Kyle Asmundson & Michael Lee Peterson
But Wait… There’s More by Brendan Carty
Butcher Holler by Dan Shea
Butterfly by Burt Bosma
Cage Seeker by Dana Garrity
Certain People by Michael Edward Walsh
Cinder by Vivian Tse
Citizens United by Kyle Bostian
City Samurai by Frank J. D’Aprile
Close To Me by Debra Eisenstadt
Cold Falls by Marc Taurisano
Come To Me by Margaret Riseley
Comic Freaks by Joe Hill
Creed by Jonathan Macpherson
Cricket by Alissa Dean
Crossroads Barbecue by K. C. Wilson
Crybabies by Marianne Wilner-Gabelman
Cut Loose to Kill by Jackie Biggerstaff
Cutting Numbers by Morgan von Ancken
Da Tenebre by Antonello Sammito
Dark Karma by Chitra Elizabeth Sampath
Dark Space by Robert Adrian Yarbrough
Dead Dolores by Michael Yagnow
Dear Bettie by Elizabeth Agate
Degenerate by Karen Frank
Demain, Je Me Tue by Pierre Chance
Demolition Day by Paul Rock & Zachary Diggs
Dirty Boots by Brooks Jackson
Disorder by Phillip Murrell
Don’t Fuck Up by Shannon Mier
Don’t Need No Badges by Dan Stone
Double 7 by Spencer Prokop & John Wright
Down With the Dead Men by T.A. Snyder
Dreamer by Jeff Trently & Anthony Stitt
Dust of Life by Jennifer Perrott
Einsatzgruppen by Paul Pawlowski
EL Rabanito – The Radish Baby by Victoria Buksbazen
Elah: The Story of David versus Goliath by Scott Taylor & Michael Gemballa
Empire of Dirt by Jonathan Anderson
Every Trigger by Kelly Schilling
Evil Does It by Robert Bridge
Extracurricular Activities by Keith Doty
Falling Awake by Patrick Vuong
Farishta by Patricia McArdle
Father Miguel by Ernestina Juarez
Fatties by Matthew Ballen
Fella by Laurence Holzman & Marc Goldsmith
Fifty-Nine Lost by Lynn Betts
Finding Its Way Back by Steven Kopca
Flash by Lawrence Nichols
Gaia 4: The Last City by Jay Levy
GAMEplay by Haley Isleib
Get Yamamoto by Mike Ross
Ghost of the Apache by James Corns
Giants of the Valley by Bryce Wolfgang Joiner
Grand Junction by Sabrina Hofkin
Grant’s Cross by Ernestina Juarez and William C. Bailey
Guinea Pigs by Derek Asaff
Hamelin by Scott Hamilton & Peter J. Hamilton
Hand Lit Match by Rachael BernSousa & Mary Lusted
Hannah Sonnay by Abigail Abban-Mensah
Hard Drive by David Cooper
Hard Time Harvey by Michael Keller
Harold the Clown by Xenia Rutherford
Highway to Nowhere by Lanre Olabisi
Hit Sign, Win Suit by Jack Zafran
Holes In The Ice by Cezar Luchian & Charles Towne
Home Front by Joe Hughes
Hypnosis by John Licata
I Just Work Here by Greg Colburn
I=Zmb by Simon Bennetts & Kim Reddin
If They Fall by Zachary Marick Pearson
Impulse Control by Matthew Breault & Alex George Pickering
Jack Bodean by James Michael Reilly
Jake Matthew Morgan by Nick Berry-Smith & Ben Pahl Robinson
John Brown’s War by Jess Pelaez
John Gray by Jessica Powers
Judy Starr by Terrence Michael
Junah’s Gift by Antonio Feijoo Amado & Angel Perez Castellanos
Junction 26 by Adam Thurs
Just Cause by Ronnie Mackintosh
Kansas by Zac Petrillo
King Of All This by Pat Herford
Lady in a Jam by Christian Reda
Lady World by M. Beth Bloom & Benjamin Shearn
Landlord’s Game by Cayman D. Grant
Last Waltz of Vienna by Brian Lee Weakland
Late Bloomer by Mandy Fabian
Level Up by Hymnson Chan
Libertaire by Elizabeth Indianos
Little Tokyo Runs the Show by Justin Dean
Liv by Catherine Eaton & Bryan Delaney
Love in a Box by Lana Newlin
Love is a Dairy Product by Erin Michelle Kruger
Love on a Limb by Rachel Stevens
Love’s Naked Nature by Greg Bowdish
Maggie’s Dawn by Blaine Tyler
Magi by Richard Giarraffa
Make a Beast of Yourself by Michael Ouellette
Mama, I Got The Blues by Gerard St. Denis
Marblehead by Catherine Rehwinkel
Maximoose by Anthony Scelta
Measures of Salvation by Reid Dodson
Mending Season by Jennifer Renner
Minyan by Adam Ansell
Mister Fox by Gabrielle Wendelin
Movement and Location by Bodine Boling
Music Row by Ronald L. Ecker
My Heart, Your Soul by Leigh Singer
Night Watch by David Taylor
Nina by Michael Catangay
Nixon’s Daughters by Jacqueline Brogan
No Peace for the Wicked by Carol Ann Crossett
Nuts by Doug Mallette
Offsides by Rebekah E. Reaves
Ohio Finch by Chad Parsons & Wolfgang Bauer
On the Streets of San Francisco by Giulianno Lopez
Operation Mrs. Claus by Jill Noel
Panopticon by Kyle Porter
Peace Sells by Patrick Furie
Personal Demons by Adam Cosco
Philipathia by Ben Raper
Plaid by Bridget Visser
Playing Hero by Nate Lane
Pork Chop Factory by Jesse Borkowski
Portal by Derek Chng
Powercut by Paul Alexander & Paul Mendelson
Pre-Existing by Dahlia D. Welsh
Price of Wood by Alex Moratto
Princess by Jason Schafer
Proxima by Chris Hager
Psychotropics by Bob Blacka
Psyop: Raven Unit by Edward Mann
Publicity Stunt by Kate McCreary
Rainbow Warrior by Paul Miller
Raised by Wolves by Paul Clarke
Rattle The Cage by Ruckus Skye & Lane Skye
Rattletrap by Troy Sweeney
Rebekah’s List by Troy Ransome
Recess by Craig Abell-Champion
Recurrence In The Same Time by Stephanie L. Roberts
Red Harvest by Legrand McMullen
Red Sleigh Down by Stephen Atherton & Ian Gilbertson
Red West by Robert Campagna
Resistance by Frank J. D’Aprile
Return by Kelly Kilgour
Revenge Date by Patrick Connelly
Rip Tide by Brian Grady
Robo & Juliet by Trevor Mayes
Rose Creek Nine by Holly Weinzapfel
Run Paco Run by Tom Martin & Bragi Schut
Saudade by Kory Olson
Savant by Mark Scullard
Scorpion Bay by Warren H. Brooks
Scratchers by David Allingham & Shannon Kemp
Sea Fever by Neasa Hardiman
Semper Fi, Chief by R. Allen Larsen
Sergei Yudin’s Bank by Christina DeHayes
Sex Strike by Marcella Guerriero
Shadytown by Donald Ray Clark
Shatter by Bianca Arvin
Sidwell Friends by Keryl Megan A. Brown
Simon Says by Lisa Hepner
Size Matters by Alison Wilkie
Sodapop Killers by Nick Coviello
Song of the Lost Sister by Brian MacEvilly
Speak English by Kieran Angelini
SpringHeeled Jack by T S Hogg
Stealing The Show by Bear McCans
Steve by Maryanne Melloan Woods
Stick Up by Kamal Moo
Strike Point by Dianna Zimmerman & Brad Jost
Survival of the Fittest by Jeff Affrunti
Swagopolis by Mario Bobzin
Sway by SR Ryan
Sweetwater by Christina Hulen
Sy Borgman by Marjory Kaptanoglu
Target Audience by Michael Raymond
Templar by Stephen Kopernik
Tesla’s Tower by Craig Pentak
The Aces and Eights – Dead Man’s Hand by Tonya J. Roberts
The Beaumonts by Max Gee
The Birth of Opera-Blues by Shannon Laribo
The Black by Ray Karp
The Blast by Trip Payne
The Border by Chip Riggs
The Brooklyn Leprechaun by Bernadette W. Crepeau
The Burning Room by Kat Wood & Marco van Belle
The Cause by Billy Noon
The Cause of it All by John Cruz & Mark Dormitorio
The Chambers Challenge by David Sear
The Chastity Belt by DaVaun Sanders
The Community by Sarah O’Halloran
The Confidence Woman by David Sullivan
The Deserter by Catherine Rehwinkel & Tristan Higgs
The Destroyer of the World by Nasar Abich Jr.
The Diamond Kings by Seth Larsen
The Doorman by Ben Hayflick
The Exotic Emporium by Dean Hersey
The Exterminator by Jeffrey Lee Woods
The Full Irish by Brian MacEvilly
The Go-Away Bird by Warren FitzGerald & Steve Jones
The Hard Way by Stephen J. Smith & Matthew Gordon Leslie
The Hitch by Troy Anthony Miller
The House of Fallen Snow by Merridith Allen
The Inanimates by Steven Guggenheimer
The Joe Jackson Show by James Coleman
The Killer Script by David Pierotti
The Lady of Shalott by Michael Dar
The Last 365 Days by Melissa McCready
The Last Warrior by John Morrison with Robert Doyle & Elisabeth Kimber
The Laughing Man by Gerald Prueitt
The Leper And The Angel by Gary Mill
The Life Intended by Hank Dumont
The Little Book of Changes by Brian Lyons
The Living Stone by Jacob Hair
The Mojo by Darlene Stallworth
The Morphing of Eddie Lubeck by Alvin Easter
The Nautilus by J D Sachs
The Ninth Step by Miriam Parks
The Ogre’s Boy by Michael R Lewis
The One: A Tall Tale by John Van Ness
The Outcasts by Melissa Shorter
The Proving Ground by James Topham
The Racer’s Edge by Tom Milano
The Raven Watch by Paula Lewis
The Repairable Brightness of Gene by Derek Williams
The Restoration of Auggie Gwoodz by Stan Saleski
The Right Thing by Julian Mountfield
The Robots by Christopher Keenan
The Rocket Man by Anthony Stitt & Jeff Trently
The Second Man by Aaron Ellickson
The Seed by Alex DeSantis
The Shadow of the Sun by Jeremy Siefer
The Skaterboys of Zompire Island by Ronald Silva
The Son of Edward Teach by Thomas Ryan Cuming
The Spear of Destiny by Radu Samanc & Carmela Samanc
The Stavros Agenda by Amy Dyal Bailey
The Strategists by Daniela Montano
The Student by Augustus Rose
The Syndicate by Victoria & Amy Howell
The Theory of Everything by Jeremiah Lewis
The Three Armins by R B Schwartz
The Toad Princess by Gigi Causey
The Tradition by Nikolai Galitzine
The Trail by Yvonne Paulin
The Trinity Effect by Mark J. Geiger
The Virus by Scott Burton
The War of the Tooth Fairy by J W C Hickey
The Waters of Remembrance by Maja Vidrac
The Weapon That Ends All War by Chase Goodwin
The Wheatfields by Ami Rothschild
The Woods by Simon Sorrells & Casey Nelson
The Write Mind by Sean Jablonski
Their Presence by Johnny Russell
Then Greenwood Burned by Aric Hornig
This Time by Jason Headley
This Way to the Ocean by Blazej Dzikowski
Thistles by Mark Lyons
Tiles by Ethan Warren
To by Timothy Casto
Trainwreck by Michael D. Zungolo
Trigger Happy Jack by Jason Urban
Twelve by Ariel Schmiedhauser
Type Specimen by Jason Kent Nord
Us and Them by Julian Mountfield
Victory by Leigh Bond
Virtues of a Moth by Reid Goldin
Waiting for Summer by Julian Mountfield
Walden Matussey’s Blog of Total Truth by Tim Boughn
Watching Madison by Carolyn Stephenson
We Lost Grace by Michael Quintana
We’re A Wasteland by Adam Bowers
Wet by Lewayne L. White & Steven Hakeman
What’s Up With Jay? by Sarah Hohman
When The Trees Fall Silent by Rahel Grunder
Wife. Bosom. Nothing. by Julie Brimberg Rothschild
Wolf Dreams by Tyler Peck
Wolfcub by BetteLou Tobin
You Don’t Know Me by Ryan Feldman
Zen and the Supermarket Sample Lady by Scott Burton
Zero Degrees of Separation by Jocelyn Osier


Congratulations to everyone who placed and special thanks to all of you who submitted your screenplay!

Semifinalists will be announced on March 1st.