2012 Competition Quarterfinalists

The BlueCat Screenplay Competition 2012 Quarterfinalists


A Matter of Professional Pride by Christopher Schiller
A Spy and His Son by Tommy Kan
A Worthwhile Life by Tyler Jones
Abe and Everett by Alan Sproles & Lizanne Southgate
Albert in Wonderland by David Rogoff
Americaland by Jon Mycroft
American Icarus by Andy Leanza
American Monster by Mark Davidson
Ancestral by Jane C. Rosen
Angel from Budapest by Dr. Gene Kutsch & Andre Kutsch
Angels In The Box by Col. Lynn Levengood
Army Ants by Andy Cannistra
Autumn Leaves by Christopher M. Beams
Back to School by Harry Tran and Croix Lazzara
Badass Betty by Michelle Davidson
Bamboozle! by Travis Lynch
Beach House Perversion by Hal Salwen
Bean Sprout by Richard Stephen Bell
Beauty With A Blade by Duane Anthony Walters
Belle by Robert James
Benjamin the Great by Scott Ruane
Billion $ Hamlet by Jim Starr
Blackbird by David Polk
Border Clash by Steven R. Lundin
Born Again by Katy Erin Poulter
Bring Me Back by Alexis Lane
Bull Comb Blues by David Warnock
Burn It Like Bacon by Phee Chayakul
By The River by Eleanor Burgess & Arthur Greene
Calling Changes by Laura Williams
Calloused Hands by Jesse Quinones
Cardboard Castle by Mike Sundy
Carfax by Yana Gibbs
Carl’s Shit Out of Luck by Brooke Buffington
Cars You Live In When You Leave Your Wife by Genevieve Lovegrove
Cascade by Ed Mason
Catch Us The Foxes by Tina Juarez
Charleston by Jenna Hostutler
Chasing DaVinci by William M. Terry
Chick ‘n Liver (Smoke and Morons) by Renee Annette Crotty
Children of the Soul by Jeffrey Kraynak
Chile by Bobby & Billy Darling
Class Clown by Will Purpura
Closing Costs by Patrick Connelly
Cloudkill by Brent Hartinger
Contrite by Kevin Heyer
Crashdown by WH Clark
Crazy Bet by Betsy Morgan
Creep by Mark Shearwood
Criminal by Peter Tamaribuchi
Crusade by Kristen M Mozaffari
Custody by Lisa Redlich
Dark Garden by Carson Becker
Dead Still Breathing by Susan Damato & Mary Navarra
Death Squad by Charles Richardson
Destiny’s Daughters by Ronald L. Ecker
Dirty Wars by Elizabeth L. Silver
Dissociation by Evan Schiller
Dora Maar by Helen Taylor
Down on 4th Street by Laura Evans
Dream Travelers by David Sueiro
Drive Home by Joe Scott
Drum by Kenneth Lemm
Dungeon Master Olympics by John Suetmeier
Dust-Up Riverside by Perry H. Lueders
Dying On Tuesday by Bill Keenan
El Jeffy by Andrew Ulloa
Eve and Adam by Armand De Saint-Salvy
Faeries by Chip Street & Sean Meehan
Fairies Wear Boots by Jillian Burns
Far From Here by Ruth Bird
Fare Forward by Kirsta Peterson
53 Hours in Harpers Ferry by David Sabbath
Flutter by Eric Hueber
For the Birds by Martin Godmen
Freedom Mile by Stephen Tesher
Fuck New York by Kirk White
Gallows Humor by Herb Cremer & Joe Cremer
Game Changer by Brian Meechan
Garage Sale by Deanne Devine
Getting to First by Bears Fonte
Ghosts of Christmas Past by Margaret McCarley
Goes Around, Comes Around by Tom Gilman
Golden Moments by David Mills
Granite State by Jesse Allen
Green Cab on Broadway by Christina DeHayes
Green Skies Falling by Matthew Elwell
Greengrass by Nicola Mills
Gypsy Boy by Gloria Morris
Hammerstrike by Tom Gilman
Haunted For Love by Marcus Hame
Hearts and Minds by Graham Walker
Heavy Crowns by John Dexter
Heavy Water (2H2O) by CJ Percy
Highly Recommended by Jamie Oon
Horroscope by Leigh Singer
Hot by Kris Hall
Hot Ghost by Tyler Theofilos
Hotel Kalifornia by Matt O’Connor
Hunks by Jim Shores
Hypochondriaitis by Viktor von Drakk
I Was A Dominatrix Zombie by Michelle Kelly
I’s by Anna Abrashina
Ibiza Noir by Alexander Snelling
In Another Life by Adam Roper
Isom Dart by Kenyon Grey & Khalid Bilton
James Hook by Dylan Brod
Jesus of Shaolin by Clifford Son
Josser by Phil Gladwin
Kin Folk by Darren Heffner
Late by Evan S. Porter
Legends from the Golden Age by Arthur Halpern
Life In A Box by Nick Luddington
Los Vagabundos by Jose Avila and William Howard Norris
Love, Virtually by Dylan Brod
Lucid by Philip Tarl Denson
Lust Life by Stephanie Sellars
Maggie’s Dawn by Blaine Tyler
Mallpocalypse by Ashleigh Powell
Manatee Love by Gemma McGrath
Marigold by Wendy Mancarella
Messiah by Todd Ludy
Mexicali by Steve LaMontagne
Mimi and Me by Elizabeth Kerin
Miss-behaving by Lisa Redlich
Missing by Ajay Bhai
Monkey Puzzle Tree by L J Sedgwick
Monozygotic by Alvin Easter
Monster Mash by Daniel Caporetto
Monster Night by John Morning
Mourning by Eli Samuel
Mourning in Appalachia by Steven Paul Vargo
Mr Hamilton’s Bookshop by Hugh Brune
Muscle Boys by Jon Bastian
My Mother’s Hands by Jennifer L. Katz
Night’s Curse by Justin M. Sloan
Nixon’s Daughters by Jacqueline Brogan
No Man’s Land by Hally Grounds
No One Escapes the Weary Souls by Scott Ruane
Ode To Lovie Tuttle by Dee Boman
Off Record by Patrick T. Lo
Old Growth by Dee Boman
On Fascinassius, Wonder Keeper by Sam Celia
Orchard by Jeremy Greenberg
Our Happiest Thought by KC Schrimpl
Outlaw Blues by Kevin McDevitt
Outrider by Daniel D. Molinoff
Pageant Winners Anonymous by C. A. Fitzgerald
Paradise by Michael Graham
Perfect Merger by Daniel D. Molinoff
Pilgrim by Cosmo Wallace
Quiver by Gwenhyver Davies
Raising My Clone by Stan Evans
Random Acts Of Violence by Guy McDouall
Rashae Likes Me (Somehow) by M. Brown
Regal by Diana Westfall
Rembrandt & The Seedlings by Doris B. Gill
Remy by James Grayford
Requited by Bill N. Johnston
Return by Kelly Kilgour
Robot Mom by Laura Richter
Sadie by Max Yaney
Santa Without a Claus by Ethan Marrell & Matthew Lovkis
Santagate by Mike Sundy
Saturday Morning Christmas by Van Partible & Gene Cajayon
Screenwriter by Fate Goodwin
Seamus Pitt by Joe Swanson & Matt Zucker
Selma & Rania by Hoda Shoukry
Servetus by Dave Herman
Shirker by Mike Vangelas
Sidekick Vs. Henchman by Steve M. Friedman
Sightseeing by Leigh Singer
Skylark by Nixhola Pylw
Slaying the Minotaur by Julio Gagne
Smoke’n Mirrors by Ben Hunter
Soft Place To Fall by Craig T. Williams
Soiled Doves by Elizabeth Rockett
Sole Mates by Mich Avant
Some Kids Lie by Michelle Rosenfarb
Somewhere Over The… by Romina Accurso
Sophia by Penelope Kahler Swan
Southern Discomfort by Jeffrey V. Durante
Southern Hospitality by John Simpson & J.T. Harrell
Southern Stories by Donte Felder
St. Jones’ Ditch by Sarah Brockmann
Stand Apart by Jonathan Dean Draxton
Stone’s Thunder by Owen M. Maxwell
Sub Runners by Dianna Zimmerman & Brad Jost
Summer In The City by Tom Erik Rossavik
Super Shark by Marie Etzler
Sweet Ivy by Jim England
Sword of the Nibelungen by Chris Norlin
Takin’ One for the Team by Dan Marshall
Telepatrol by Jack Messitt
Tell Me A Story by Benjamin Murphey
Temporal by E.B. Rhee
10 Hours by Mel Melcer
Tesla and Edison by John Muscarnero
The Amazing Adventures of Eddie Dolphinhead by Stan Evans
The Atoll by Travis Opgenorth
The Best Offense (Is A Good Defense) by Jasmin Tekiner
The Big Die-Up by Ken Kleemann
The Binding of Birmingham by Fred Wright
The Blood Dharma by Jessica Lakis
The Book Reaper by Jason LaMountain
The Broken Cross by Steve C. Yoon
The Cemetery Plots by D. B. Silvis
The Chambers Challenge by David P. Searby
The Collectors by Vidar Steffensen
The Convoy by Andrew Sillett
The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea by Joshua Fruehling
The Devils’ Cradle by Naomi Lamont
The Dutch by Michael Fruchter
The Empath by Mark J. Geiger
The Emperor of Wyoming by Michael Hamblin
The Foot Soldier by Faisal Azam Qureshi
The Great Beyond by Brent Hartinger
The Guardsman by Walker McKnight
The Hold Out by Robert Schneider
The Hosanna Tree by Anthony Easton
The Initiation by Cornelia Ravenal
The Lady King by Rich Song
The Last Day of Winter by Oliver Devine Edsforth
The Last Guardian by Zubin Shetty
The Last Suicide Note by J R O’Hara
The Lifeboat Sonata by Kathryne Isabelle Easton
The Maconheiro by Rhyan Scorpio-Rhys
The Night Witches by John Paul Sheerin
The North Puddle by Bears Fonte & Don Zolidis
The Oriental by E.B. Rhee
The Outliers by Linda Haltmaier
The Prime Mover by Alex Eylar
The Reborn by Jen Woldrich
The Recipe by Cynthia Marks
The Reclamation Of Bass Walker by Mike Mulligan
The Recruitment by Dave Kunz
The Red Run by Gail Hackston
The Renovators by Pat Herford
The Restless Forget by Suminder Sandhu
The River by Matthew Edward Fox
The Road To Heaven by Matthew Elwell
The Safest Hands in Britain by Stephen Davis
The Second Front by Fay Devlin
The Sleeping House by Suzanne Griffin
The Snow Globe Trotter Chronicles by Stephen Atherton & Ian Gilbertson
The Spice of Life by John Shermer
The Splinters of Vallan by Dylan Herzog
The State Vs. God by Paul E. Undari
The Steerage by Gregory Driscoll
The Story of Her Breasts by Kirsten Menger-Anderson
The Summer of 800 by Bjorn B Bjornsson
The Super Adventures of Hansel Minus Gretel by Mike Wong
The Supernatural Hour by Efren Pardilla
The Toilet Attendant by Daniel Johnson
The Tree by Brian Black
The Trinity Effect by Mark J. Geiger
The Ultimate Almanac by David Ullendorff
The Unconventional Death of Josie Wells by Adam Revesz
The Wall by Jon Bachmann & Katherine Griffin
The Weeping Trees by John Dexter
The Whaler by Paul Wie
The White Lily by Christopher Redwine & Thomas Hefner
Three Girls One Weekend by Veronique Robert
Tidings of a Token by Toby Rigby
Ties by Jennifer Acres
Till There Was You by Cathy Freericks
To Take Peace Away by Gayle Patrick Childs
Toro Bravo by Bill Drake & Bill Deasy
Treasure beneath the Dogwood Tree by Tyler Jacob Henderson
Treasure in the Park by Irin Evers & John Barlowe
Tree Hunters by Kevin Montgomery
Trophy Bird by Stanley Silva
Troubles from the Invisible World by Alexander Maggio
True Local Solar Time by Sylke Rene Meyer
Tulio by Gladys Stone
Turnover by Donald McClafferty
Two Liars by Jay Kuvaas
Untitled Sarah Palin Sex Doll Project by Zeke Farrow
V-Squad by Pamela Marcantel & Thomas Marcantel
Vaccine by Zoje Stage
Verona by Michael Werwie
Virile by Carlton T. Saito
VirtuWorld by Jeff Springer
War Wolves by John Ashbrook
Welcome To Canada by Robert Hammond & Kyle Radke
West Side Girl by Andrew Serban
What the Water Gave Me by Latoya Denise Jackson
When the Moon Rises by Jeff Storms
Whistler by Robert Yula & James Higginson
Whiting to a Snail by Julian Mountfield
Winter Shaker by Jonathan Sheets
Women In Pants by Stan Himes
Yonnondio by Katalin Csep
Young Liars by Derek Neville