The Cordelia

International Screenwriting Award



mike-leigh-main-image2Where was the first screenwriter born? England, of course. If William Shakespeare was living today, he undoubtedly would be cranking out scripts for the cinema. Ghosts? Shipwrecks? Donkey transformations? No problem!

So it’s no surprise to BlueCat to receive incredibly strong writing coming from screenwriters living in the U.K., year after year.

In honor of this raft of brilliant storytelling, BlueCat felt compelled to bestow a special recognition within our competition, apart from our main prizes, to the best screenplay submitted by a writer residing in the U.K. 

Named after one of our favorite dramatic characters, the Cordelia Award winner will receive a cash honorarium of $2,000 USD, while remaining eligible for all main competition awards. 

We look forward to reading your work!


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Gordy with a workshop in London