Win a Free Entry Contest!

Win a Free Entry to the 2014 Competition!  


Throughout the duration of the competition, we’ll often have Free Entry Contests on our Social Media where writers can win competition entries or workshop registrations.  Check back often!


This weekend, on the BlueCat Facebook page, we are giving away a Feature screenplay entry! 

Give us ONE line of original dialogue, written by you, of course. You can submit as many times as you like. Best, most incredible, original, compelling line of dialogue wins! Submit an Entry!


On Twitter, we are giving away three Short Screenplay entries!

 ReTweet or share/tag our Call For Entries to be eligible. Three winners announced early next week!


Good Luck and Have Fun!

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2 Responses to “Win a Free Entry Contest!”

  1. mercylinauer Says:

    July 23rd, 2014 at 12:32 am

    how can i submit my entry here?

  2. Franz Wolf Says:

    June 14th, 2017 at 4:30 am

    Dear sirs or madam,
    I know, this is a most tedious beginning of a letter. Particularly when it downright challenges the phrase: “We do not accept unsolicited works…” And this letter will fizzle out like the others before. It’s a pity but my destiny.

    Remember the first scene of Iron Man III: When Guy Pearce (Killian) meets Stark in the lift, having some important things to tell. Stark in his arrogance is not interested. Therefore Killian gives him two cards to call him back. Stark says – analogously:
    “Well, one card not to call you and the other to throw it away!”
    This is exactly how American agencies and production companies treat unknown screenwriters. Remember, too, every well known screenwriter was not well known from the beginning. That kind of ignorance could be the grave of new ideas or inovations.

    My name is Franz Wolf, I am a German author and screenwriter. Attempts to get in contact with a production company in the USA
    or GB fail usually. There were several correspondences with Mr. Spielberg, Mr. Scorsese, Mr. Emmerich – who was born just a few miles from my home (and I was not invited to his wedding- a disgrace) – but all these contacts were closed in the phrase: We do not accept unsolicited material. Once Mr. Emmerich told me, that ,thriller’ was not his genre. Well, thats a stance.
    But remember: The Razzie Awards never go to movies written by unsolicited works…
    But what to do when you have written 10 novels, including a thriller, a real page turner, but you are a beginner in the scene? You don’t have any reputation. So now I try to get in contact with a serious produktion company in the USA or with a director. And this is not an attempt to stalk!
    But it seems production companies and their ,chiefs’ are shielded from the real word. The result is: Nobody will ever even read my script.
    Even German agents won’t answer, and so do agencies in the USA. 100 Letters written, not a single respond, a single reaction like: “We got your screenplay, it is not suitable”, or the like. That is devastating! Because the readers of the novel devour it.
    But the worse thing is: no one gives me a respond on my question: What else to do?
    Writing other 100 letters with the same result?
    On the other hand you read: An US actor who has never written a screenplay before gives his ,firstling’ work to a well known director and – they produce a movie. Unsolicited…I think thats unfair.
    My plot is a ,thriller’.
    Just to try to find someone to read it, is that a tall order?
    Maybe you can – and will! – help me.
    Franz Wolf

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