Live Ustream with DP Kristian Kachikis – Wednesday, May 13th, 6PM PST!


Meet Kristian Kachikis, the Director of Photography of Dog Bowl, on Gordy Hoffman’s Screenwriting Sitdown. 


With the natural and instinctive eye of a still photographer, Kris Kachikis is a gifted technician – pure at times, experimental at others.

View Kristian’s full bio and more of his work here!


 Gordy’s short film Dog Bowl had it’s world premiere at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival.

Questions for Gordy? Tweet your question with the hashtag #ScreenwritingSitdown and he will answer them on our Ustream tomorrow from 6PM-9PM PST!

Also feel free to ask away on our Ustream chat!


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