Takashi Miike’s 10 Filmmaking Tips

10 lessons on filmmaking from Takashi Miike (director of Audition, 13 Assassins, Ichi the Killer).

“If I’m reading a screenplay or a source material, a couple of images always pop up in my mind. I don’t understand why they do; sometimes it’s just a man who’s standing there on his own, who turns around and smiles. With Shield of Straw, that was the last sequence when the criminal turns around and smiles. I had that visual when I read the novel, and I was ready for it in my mind. And I don’t know why exactly, but I try to find ways that would lead to those images that are in my mind. That’s my first step in the process.”

1. A movie is driven by its the characters, not by its special effects.

2. Pinpoint the images that will drive your story.

3. Even bad guys should be relatable.

4. Let your excitement shine through the screen.

5. Dont cry over missing funds and resources. Get creative.

6. Each generation learns from what was missing in the one before.

7. Find balance within your films.

8. Respect the next coming of filmmakers.

9. Bruce Lee is King.

10. Find your story from within, no matter whose story youre telling.



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