Scorsese’s 39 Must-See Foreign Films


Ever the champion of visual literacy, Martin Scorsese enumerates his 39 must-see foreign films in an effort to jump-start the cinematic education of aspiring filmmakers. Scorsese’s list is as follows:

1. Metropolis

2. Nosferatu

3. Dr. Mabuse, The Gambler

4. Napoleon

5. Grand Illusion

6. The Rules of the Game

7. Children of Paradise

8. Open City

9. Paisan

10. La Terra Trema

11. The Bicycle Thief

12. Umberto D

13. Beauty and the Beast

14. Tokyo Story

15. Ikiru

16. Seven Samurai

17. Ugetsu

18. Sansho the Bailiff

19. High and Low

20. Big Deal on Madonna Street

21. Rocco and His Brothers

22. The 400 Blows

23. Shoot the Piano Player

24. Breathless

25. Band of Outsiders

26. Il Sorpasso

27. L’Avventura

28. Blow-Up

29. Before the Revolution

30. Le Boucher

31. Weekend

32. Death By Hanging

33. The Merchant of Four Seasons

34. Ali: Fear Eats the Soul

35. The Marriage of Maria Braun

36. Kings of the Road

37. The American Friend

38. The Mystery of Haspar Hauser

39. Aguirre, The Wrath of God

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