Now Accepting Short Screenplays

It’s Official!

We are accepting Short Screenplays in the 2014 Competition.


This year, BlueCat will accept short screenplays and establish one of the largest cash prizes in the world for a short screenplay contest.


$10,000 Winner

$1500 Three Finalists


All screenplays entered by Aug 1 are eligible for the

Movie Title Contest
Three Winners $250 each


Short screenplays must be between 5 and 40 pages in length.

Each Short Screenplay submission will receive one written analysis.

Students will be eligible to submit their short screenplay at a discounted rate for the duration of the competition.

Entrants will be able to submit a short screenplay with an option not to receive feedback, and all submissions will be eligible for a Resubmission entry if received by the October 15th deadline.

All Short Screenplay submissions received by June 1st will receive their feedback by June 15tht. ($40 entry fee)

Entries must be received electronically by midnight PST






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