Mr. Leigh on Mr. Turner

turner big-2026


Writer/Director Mike Leigh discusses his organic filmmaking style and his views on traditional screenplays in this Creative Screenwriting article by Holly Grigg-Spall.


“Filmmaker Mike Leigh is known for his unique, particular, and deeply involved technique for directing and writing that is very much a script-less process. The blend of improvisation and characterization he and his casts bring to his films, such as Vera Drake and Happy-Go-Lucky, works to set the screen alight with warmth, humanity and energy. In his latest period piece, which has already gleaned two awards at the Cannes Film Festival, Timothy Spall takes on the role of British painter Turner, bringing to life a man full of contradictions and intriguing aspects. It’s a thoroughly thrilling take on the biopic genre. Creative Screenwriting had a chat with Mike Leigh about how it came to be.”


Read the entire article here.


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