Best Movie Title Deadline: August 1st

Best Movie Title Deadline: August 1st


Every year, we choose to highlight a small, but significant, part of your screenplays: the title.  A lot of thought goes into the perfect few words and we choose to honor that creativity and effort through our annual Movie Title Contest.  All short and feature-length screenplay submissions to our 2016 BlueCat Screenplay Competition that are submitted by August 1st are eligible.  We’ll select three winners and each will receive a $250 cash prize!

Our winners last year:

Love You, Miss You, Bye by Thomas Brown

The Moustache Rides Again by Andrew Robbins

Twains, Trains and Riverboats: The Absolutely True Story of How Mark Twain Saved America by Patti Vasquez & Kevin Cleary

If you’re having trouble finding a title for your screenplay, check out our article: Naming Your Baby: How to Find a Great Title to your Screenplay

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