Interview with Brooklyn Screenwriter Nick Hornby




There seems to be no limit to the writing talent of celebrated English screenwriter, novelist, and songwriter, Nick Hornby. Both Hornby’s first and second novels were published in 1992. One of those novels was Fever Pitch, a memoir of sorts, which has been adapted to film twice, in 1997 from a screenplay that he wrote, starring Colin Firth, and again in 2005 from the Farrelly Brothers across the pond in America.

Hornby is perhaps best known for his novel High Fidelity, but this year he is making the rounds on the awards circuit for his adaptation of Colm Tóibín‘s novel Brooklyn, a quaint romance, set in 1950s Brooklyn, starring Saoirse Ronan as a young, Irish immigrant. It is a wonderful film, neither meek nor pretentious, and Hornby’s script, with its beautiful, novelistic prose, is a joy to read.

In this three part series of videos, Hornby sits down with film columnist Anne Thompson to discuss his career, his writing process, and bringing Tóibín’s novel, Brooklyn, to the silver screen.


Nick Hornby Interview Part 1


Nick Hornby Interview Part 2


Nick Hornby Interview Part 3

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