David Zucker’s 15 Rules of Comedy


With films like Airplane!, The Naked Gun trilogy, and BASEketball on his resume, it is clear that screenwriter David Zucker knows a thing or two about the comedy genre. In this article written by Zucker, he outlines the 15 Rules of Comedy he abided by while penning his early works.


In 20 years of writing, producing and directing comedy, I never once read a book about it. Prior to that, the longest time I ever went without reading a book was perhaps the four years I spent in college. But that makes it no easier to write about.

In writing “The Naked Gun 2 1/2: The Smell of Fear,” I have relied on 15 simple rules of comedy that were formulated while making films with my brother, Jerry, and my partner, Jim Abrahams. (We used to have 19 rules, until four were thrown out after the Falklands War.)…”


Read the entire article here.


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