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Check out our friends at the CINEQUEST Screenwriting Competition who empower writers to GET DISCOVERD & GET PRODUCED! $8,000 in cash prizes is up for grabs for the winning features, shorts, and teleplays. BlueCat members can enjoy promo code CINEQUEST5 for $5 off screenplay and teleplay entries to Cinequest!

“Cinequest was thrilled to connect 2015 Competition Winner Stacie Shellner’s writing with an Executive Producer to produce her fabulous screenplay. Additionally, 2016 Competition Winner Jeremy Rush is having his winning script produced by The Solution Group and Netflix.” — Halfdan Hussey, Cinequest Co-Founder & Director

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CINEQUEST Film Festival is set in the home of the world’s most influential media technology companies (Netflix, YouTube, Indiegogo, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.). CINEQUEST showcases premier films, renowned and emerging artists, and breakthrough technology—empowering global connectivity between creators, innovators and audiences. Cinequest Film Festival occurs February 28 – March 12, 2017, in San Jose, California / Silicon Valley.

“I think the most important thing about CINEQUEST t is it’s definitely the first time I’ve ever come to a festival where my immediate reaction is, ‘What do I have to do to be invited back?’ and that’s not normally my reaction. It’s a perfect film festival in a glorious place.”— Neil Gaiman, Maverick Spirit Award Winner

Amidst the energy and excitement of the festival, the CINEQUEST Screenwriting Competition empowers creative and innovative writers with the opportunity to interact with producers and industry professionals from around the world. Finalists will be honored during the Writers Celebration, a day filled with a dynamic collection of Writer Meet Producer events, Business of Writing forums, Pitch Training, VIP Writers Lunch, and an awards ceremony announcing the winners of the competition.

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