5 Questions You Were Too Afraid to Ask About Being a Screenwriter by Indiewire’s Emily Buder

“For those hoping to break in, the world of screenwriting can seem like a black box. Unless you know industry insiders or have an agent, your first screenplay’s journey from Final Draft to production will be an unparalleled challenge.”



‘Barton Fink’  (Indiewire via 20th Century Fox)


1. Do I have to live in L.A. to have a career as a working writer?


“LA vs. NY: It’s a big quandary for those seeking a career in entertainment. While L.A. is inarguably the epicenter of the film industry, many writers prefer the creative, art-based community of New York. “I like being in the New York bubble,” said Shari Springer Berman. “It allows me to write and not think about the business end, which clogs your brain instead of thinking about whatever you’re writing.” Lara Shapiro concurred: “When I go to L.A. I’m in battle mode on the pitch circuit.””



Read more about what the panelists had to say here: http://www.indiewire.com/article/5-questions-you-were-too-afraid-to-ask-about-being-a-screenwriter-20150505




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