The 2018 August Writing Goalpost!

The great F. Scott Fitzgerald once said, “You don’t write because you want something to say, you write because you have something to say.” Let’s show the world what we have to say with the August Writing Goalpost!

Join the August Writing Goalpost!

The August Writing Goalpost is a community-driven exercise about producing a script that you can show people by the end of the month. This an opportunity to work in tandem with other writers working towards a common goal; conceiving, writing, and completing a feature-length script over the course of four weeks. This challenge may daunt some more than others, but regardless of experience, both novice and expert have something to gain from the Goalpost! Anyone and everyone should participate! 

Goalpost Guidelines:

  1. Set aside 30 minutes of every day to write at least 3 pages of your script. No exception! The goal is to write a script that is at least 90 pages long by the end of August. Although not every page will be perfect, quantity will lead to quality. 
  2. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Write three pages every day until the end of August. No putting off the pages until tomorrow and no skipping days! Comment on your progress in the BlueCat Writer’s Facebook group!  You’ll see that you’re not the only one doing this high ambitious challenge!
  3. The challenge ends on Saturday, September 1st, 2018. When you’ve completed your script, make sure to share it on the  Facebook group! We want to hear all about your creations! 
  4. Enjoy it! Once you discover that perfect idea,  run with it!

The Goalpost begins Wednesday, August 1st. There are no fees, no secrets, no twists. All you need to participate are thirty minutes every day and some way of writing down your brilliant thoughts. So let’s swipe open our tablets, dust off those keyboards, and open up some notebooks. It’s time to write!

Make sure to join our Facebook Group and subscribe to our weekly Newsletter if you haven’t already! And make sure to check out Gordy’s blogs about writer’s block and writing goals!


Founded by Gordy Hoffman, the BlueCat Screenplay Competition has been discovering and developing writers for over twenty years. Each writer who enters BlueCat is guaranteed a written analysis by one of our talented readers, in the hopes of providing constructive feedback that will help you grow as a writer. For more on the BlueCat alumni, click here. For information about submissions to the 2019 BlueCat Screenplay Competition, click here.


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2 Responses to “The 2018 August Writing Goalpost!”

  1. Patrick Nycz Says:

    July 26th, 2018 at 5:26 am

    I’d be happy to provide a quote on the importance of goalposts as it relates to aspirational success. Just saying. I know a think or two about goalposts.

  2. BlueCat Says:

    July 26th, 2018 at 5:28 am


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