13 Ways to Keep Smart Movie Fans Happy by Indiewire’s Anne Thompson

In January at the Art House Convergence Conference in Utah, Indiewire‘s Anne Thompson offered the following tips to a roomful of independent theater owners. Anne Thompson is Indiewire‘s editor-at-large and founder of the blog Thompson on Hollywood.



Indiewire (2015)


Anne says,

“1. Know Your Audience

Our 500 or so Sneak Preview subscribers are your typical older arthouse attendee, right inside the Weinstein Co., Searchlight, Sony Classics sweet spot. This group is sophisticated but mainstream, smart but relatively unadventurous. Over the years I know that I can challenge them to a degree, but there are places that they will not go…”

Read the rest of Anne’s tips here: http://www.indiewire.com/article/13-ways-to-keep-smart-movie-fans-happy-20150122




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