Short Screenplays

The BlueCat Screenplay Competition awards the world’s largest cash prize for best short screenplay!



Grand Prize: $10,000
Three Finalists: $1,500 each


Short screenplays must be between 5 and 40 pages in length.  Each Short Screenplay submission will receive one written analysis.  Students will be eligible to submit their short screenplay at a discounted $35 rate for the duration of the competition.


All Short Screenplay submissions received by October 15th will receive their feedback by Nov 10th.




 *Gordy will be teaching a short screenplay writing class at Meltdown Comics in LA this fall.  Click here for more information.


Interview with 2014 Short Screenplay Winner Jennifer Cui

Interview with 2014 Short Finalist Wenonah Wilms

Interview with 2014 Short Finalist Athenia Paris Mekarnia

Interview with 2014 Short Finalist Jeremy Lerman