Short Screenplays

Grand Prize: $10,000

Three Finalists: $2,000 each


Short screenplays must be between 1 and 49 pages in length.  Each Short Screenplay submission will receive one written analysis.  Students will be eligible to submit their short screenplay at a discounted $35 rate for the duration of the competition.


Gordy Hoffman’s short film, Dog Bowl, was accepted into the U.S. Narrative Short Film Program for the 2015 Sundance Film Festival.


Gordy Hoffman answering a question after a screening of Dog Bowl at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival (Photo by Heather Schor)



Writer/Director Gordy Hoffman and Lead Actress Marci Miller (Photo by Heather Schor)






Interview with 2015 Short Screenplay Winner Susan Fleming

Interview with 2015 Short Finalist Ludwig Thelin

Interview with 2015 Short Finalist Danielle Barcena

Interview with 2015 Short Finalist Darren Robert Tibbits