Screenplay Consultation

With BlueCat Founder and Judge Gordy Hoffman

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Can’t make it to a workshop? Gordy Hoffman can provide written analysis on your screenplay (2-3+ pages of notes, plus optional follow-up phone or Skype discussion). The notes will specifically address the areas of the screenplay which can grow to be more effective in emotionally engaging the audience and compelling a reader to read further, as well as observations on the general habits of the screenwriter and how they might improve and address the challenges they face. No synopses, no fluffy praise, simply comments on how the screenplay and writer might immediately improve. To learn more about Gordy Hoffman, please click here.

Note: Screenplays consulted on by Gordy Hoffman are not eligible for submission to the competition.

*48 Hour Guaranteed Turnaround

*5 pages+ of Analysis

*Written Followup

Fee:  $395

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