Any screenplay submitted early and having received our early script analysis can be resubmitted by the Final Deadline for a reduced fee.  Resubmission entries will receive one script analysis.

Before re-submitting your screenplay, please be sure it meets the following requirements:

  • Screenplay must be in PDF format (need to convert?)
  • Screenplay PDF must have a properly formatted filename (Name of Screenplay by Author First Last Name.pdf – i.e. Magnolia by Paul Thomas Anderson.pdf)
  • Be absolutely sure you uploading the Proper File: Under absolutely no circumstances will substitutions of either corrected pages or new drafts of the entry screenplay(s) be made. Screenplays will not be returned.
  • All entries must be in English and between 75 and 125 pages in length.
  • Submitted scripts must be original screenplays, and the sole property of the applicant(s).
  • The screenplay has not previously won any screenplay contest, competition or award of any kind
  • The author(s) meet all eligibility requirements.




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