Yanique S.

How many screenplays have you read for BlueCat?


What projects are you currently working on?

I’m now editing my first science fiction novel and working on a science fiction love story feature screenplay. I’m also applying for graduate school in order to give time and focus to my writing projects.

What is your main job when providing feedback to a writer?

My main job I believe is to guide the writer in the direction that makes their scripts more visually compelling and gives them and idea of how the story they have written comes across to other readers.

What is your attitude toward a screenplay before you start reading?

I come to all screenplays with a certain reverence. As a writer myself I know that the completion of every writing endeavor is a small miracle. With that I aim to see the best of what the writer brings to the plate while helping in any way I can to get the project to the best place it can be.

What are three common problems that keep coming up when reading a screenplay?

Three common problems I notice in screenplays are wordiness, vagueness and superfluous scenes. If it can be said with less words it should be. In my opinion this keeps the pace of the script smooth and concise while preventing the readers mind from wondering. I’ll also come across complicated scenes that are set up improperly or characters that aren’t well developed which creates a level of vagueness in the script that make it hard to comprehend. Lastly, I would say that if a scene doesn’t move the script forward it should be cut. These types of scenes are not only a hinderance to the screenplays theme being seen clearly, but they make the script that more difficult to read.

As an experienced reader, do you have any advice for writing a screenplay?

When writing a screenplay ALWAYS be conscious of the fact that this is a visual medium. The screenplay is hopefully not the end of your story so being aware of how you want the script to come across to the viewing audience should be a driving influence in the way you tell the story.

What do you think is the hardest part of being a screenwriter?

I think the hardest part of being a screenwriter is balance. Achieving the balance between visual storytelling and compelling dialogue that artfully uses subtext is very delicate and takes time and practice to achieve.

What is the heart of a successful screenplay?  

The heart of a successful screenplay is what my college screenwriting professor reiterated over and over to my class–a clear and simple idea. If the point of the story is obvious in a few sentences that are supported with all the scenes in the film then you know your script is a winner.

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