Jenni B.

How many screenplays have you read for BlueCat?

Dozens and dozens and dozens.

What projects are you currently working on?

A feature of mine is currently in pre-production, and I’m working on a new feature drama script.

What is your main job when providing feedback to a writer? 

Getting a writer to look at their script from a new perspective. And hopefully encouraging the writer to be proud of their work yet not precious.

What is your attitude toward a screenplay before you start reading?

I can’t wait to peek inside someone else’s mind.

What are three common problems that keep coming up when reading a screenplay?

A writer not having enough confidence. A writer not believing the reader is smart enough to ‘get it.’ And a writer, obviously, listening to bad story advice. And all of those are sort of the same problem.

As an experienced reader, do you have any advice for writing a screenplay?

The reader is way smarter than you think. Don’t pander. Trust your voice to deliver information in a creative way.

What do you think is the hardest part of being a screenwriter?

Ignoring employment statistics. Ouch. Just tell your story because you have to. And enjoy the process.

What is the heart of a successful screenplay?

Honesty and Voice.

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