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2007 BlueCat Screenplay Competition Results

After thoughtful analysis and scoring of all submissions, below please find the screenplays placing in the top ten percent of all entries to 2007 BlueCat.

Semi-finalists will be announced July 15th, Finalists on July 28th and our winner on August 1st.


10 Minutes From Paradise by Janyce Lapore
222-0 by Scott J. Larson
A Guy, a Girl, a Chimp, and a Lake by Clay Ostrom
A Pawn In the Game by Ryan Peek
A Red Sky Morning by Janis DeMoor
A Solemn Path to Contentment by Jeffrey Musmanno
Adandoned Wells by Jason Wilburn
After Babylon Falls by Michael Scott Blades
Aftershocks by Robb Lanum
Algo Por Mi by Juan Sebastian Jacome
American Cooper by Timothy Jay Smith
A'Mor by Monte Bainter
An eye for an eye by Lauren Carol Cragg
Andersen County by Jerry Johnson
Angel's Wing by Alan Johnson
Angola Blue by R.K. Townsend
Another Theater Of War by Mark Schwiesow
Ascension Dharmarama by Steven W. Sparks
Autopsy by M.S. Martin
Bad Trip North by Douglas Westerbeke
Behind the Mirror by Timothy Kernc
Beloved of God by Jim Walkington
Billy by Dia Hancock
Black Garden by Joe Bright
Black Hills Hard Rain by Teddy Adams
Blind Eye by Mark Davidson
Blood Mezcal by Derek Garrison
Blue Motel by Ted Campbell
Boy Girl Boy Girl by Kevin Rexroat and Toska Olson
Boy on a Bike by Allen O'Leary
Breaking Through by Ken White, Stephen Larsen, Robin Larsen
Broken Windows by Mike Stanford
Burning Love by Phil Andersen
Buy It Now by Peter M. Punckowski
Call of the Eagle by Michael Carter & Deborah Shepherd
Chatterbox by Austin Davidson
City of the Dead by Xina Marie Uhl & Janet L. Loftis
Close Quarters by Nicholas Turner
Coffee Talk by Michael M. Burgner
Completely Incomplete by Jeffrey Hirschberg
Crazy Thunder by Dimitri Neos
Cruel World by Lisa O'Donnell
Cupid by Wyatt Elliott & Chris Engler
Dear Micah by Danielle Porter
Debt Management by Jeffrey Thomas
Delivered by Diane Hanks
Disconnected by Allen R. Rosenberg
Dogs Always Know by Winnie Dunbar
Dylanology by Dennis Schebetta
Dyre Avenue by William Speruzzi
Emily's Window by Dayle Ann Hunt
Emma by Chris Rodgers
Everlot by Cody Urban
Every time I go to Staten Island Something Bad Happens by Irin Evers
Exit Marlowe by Matthew Scarsbrook
Fang Miller--Legend Killer by R.K. Townsend
Fields of Gold by Kathryn Gandek-Tighe
Fight Belle by Aimee Parrott & Antonio Gangemi
Finding Aura by Jennifer Lynn Hampton
First Under Heaven by Ellmyn Kauffman
Floating World by Perry Wade
Flying Home by David A. Gillaspie
Gadfly And Empire by Kathryn Kuhlen
Gameplay by Jane Isaacs
Gauguin in London by Trevor Hodgkins
Getting Molly Married by Lindsey Van de Kirk
Glass Ceiling by Paul Rooks
Gorgeous George by Steve LaMontagne
Greenland by Alexandre Carriere
Hannibal by Jack Davidson
Happy Now by Zachary Kahn
Heads or Heads by Laurence Warriner
Hellcats by Scott Kradolfer & Michael Lifshey
Hit Parade by Robert DeFranco
Holding the Pole by J.R. O'Hara
Home and Away by Craig Matthew Hodgkins
Homewrecker by Brad Ling
Hope Springs Eternal by Jason Ubaldi & Steven Goldberg
Howard & Minet by Doyle Esch & Daniel Wilson
Impressions by Jeremy Hoffpauir
In Memory of Me by Samantha Lavin
In Only Seven Days by Kendal Whitlock
In the Pocket by John Hays
In Your Dreams by Steve Wright
Intolerance by Gary S. Branfman
Invitation to a Shipwreck by Ray Behar, Lisa Powell, Rachel Birnbaum
Iron Mace by Joel W. Solloway
Jeffers' Ghost by Alan H. Stacy
Juniper Bass by CB Wilson
Kaleidoscope by Cody Urban
Kevin and Consuela by Joshua L. Grote
Kid Show by Chad Holley
Killing Sara by Robert Jackson
Lean by Shukree H. Tilghman
Lie Detector (Polygraph) by Jake Hulseberg
Life On Earth by William Tepper
Life with Louis by Justin Flesher
Life Without a Face by Alex David
Living in Limbo by Michael Amato
Lo Que Tu Mandes by Oscar Rodriguez
Love Lies Bleeding by Kristl Volk Franklin
Loved Ones by Vicki Speegle
Loyalty on Trial by Erik V. Wolter & Robert Masters
Lyrical by Carter Stewart
Mad Art Gallery by Diane Lansing
Mars Rush by David Leonard
Martial Arts and Crafts by J. Santino Grammatico
Matri-Money by Hal Katkov
Maximilian by John Gorski
Media Circus by Garth Holden
Middle of Nowhere by TJ Brady
Miss Chevious by Tamsen McDonough
Monday's Girl by Rhianon Jones
Monsters in the House by Elissa Elliott
Moo by Supriya Kelkar
Mortal Coil by Andrew Steven Harris
Mother of Frankenstein by Ian Simpson
Mother of Frankenstein by Robert Ian Simpson
Necessarry Evil by Richard Hohenrath
Neighborhood Watch by Eric Werner
New Blue Moon by Ellen Gault & Regina Rain Richardson
Off the Edge by Barbara Beck
Or Elsie by Adam Pollock
Outlaw Blues by Kevin McDevitt
Papercuts by Roger L. Johnson
Past Master by Lydia Rawlings
Peace On Earth by Ken Richards
Perfect Little Man by Mark S. Jones
Pinky Promise by Mark Davidson
Pit Bulls by A.R. Mendoza
Play Me by Chaco Daniel
Playing Gods by Brian Sanders
Prisoners of War by William P. Shaw
Pup by Maggie Lawrence
Racing History by Randal Kobler
Rasputin by Laqueta Lewis
Reasons To Be Single by Alison Wilkie
Rebel 44 by Steve Ruttley
Rebels by Alexandra Swenson
Recurring Dreams by Gabor Asztalos
Redtape by Scott O'Malley & Sean Afsahi
Redwood and Wildfire by Andrea Hairston
Reform Me by Louella M Reynolds
Saratoga by Robert Potter
Saving Baby New Year by Roger Tessier
Seeping Lines by Karen Lukesh
Shakespeare's Daughter by Kate Maney
Sharing Peter by Gail Mackenzie-Smith
shellfisH by Russ Phillips
Short Order Crooks by Rustom Irani
Siege of Night by Edward Case
Silent Thunder by Leonard W. Miller & Leonard T. Miller
Sins of the Father by Matt Savelloni
Sizzlean by Scott Keiner
Skin Job by Mike Donald
Smedley Darlington Butler by Tom Krogstad
Snakes and Lovers by Susan Everett
Soldiers Of The Shadow Sun by Richard Shand
Song of the Siren by David Allensworth
Southern Discomfort by Jack L. Brinkerhoff
Sparkler by Graeme Mullen
Stolen Ring by Thomas Mollica
Street Magic by Ian and Rosi Taylor
Strictly Professional by CB Wilson
Stringers by Erik Vidal
Sudan by Darcy Vernier
Suddenly Monday by Vickie Reichardt
Sugar Mountain by Betsy Lerner
Suicide Doors by Tomas Hinojal
Surviving Icarus by Adam Karpel
Temple of Lost Souls by Ronald Escudero
Temporary Insanity by Edward Stites
The Audition by Melody Reams
The Banner by Tina Juarez
The Best Man For The Job by Pete Xander
The Big, Gay Float by Andy Phillips
The Bonsai by Jason Whiton
The Brandon Chronicles by Chris A. Bolton
The Break Up Club by Jeffrey Swafford
The Buddy Grim Show by Scott Webster
The Bulldogs by Rhys Wyn Trenhaile
The Bum, The Whore and The Hitman by Luis Cordoba
The Cult of the Severed Head by Steve Morris
The Difference by James Thomas Robinson
The Doll Shop by Loretta H. Yaskiel & Randy Grixti
The Dollmaker by Ned James Beedie
The Editor by Cheryl Hendrickson
The Effect of Barry on the Stairs of Silver Lake by David LeBarron
The End by Stacey Hendricks
The Enormity of Absence by Indigo Thomas
The Freezer by Joshua Alan Rogers
The Girl Pretending to Read Rilke by James Vincent Colbert & Barbara Riddle-Dvorak
The Goldfish Variations by Patrick Flynn & Gene Dzielak
The Great Quest by Steve Weissman
The Heresy of John by Timothy Deal
The Hungry Kitchen by Jennifer Jones
The Journeyman by Simon Mulholland
The Lashes Dark by Susan Alukonis
The Last Flight of the Blackbird by D. C. Cooper
The Last Halloween by Sara Lahasky and Jonathan Weiss
The Legend of Christmas by Vasilios Koumandarakis
The Life and Times of Randall Southgate
The Lord of Battle by Dan Baker
The Maker by Ellwyn Kauffman
The Maltese Falcon by Ryan J. Condal
The Navassa Island Murderers by Peter O. Whitmer
The Other War by Mary Conroy
The Piers End by Jeffrey Mark Jenkins
The Placekicker by Kenneth James
The Puddle Jumper by Arla Bowers
The Riggs Translation by Gary Wright
The Rise of Fred Amazing by Scott Cunningham
The Saffron Guide by Youval Friedman
The Stones by Ana Lily Amirpour
The Sundown Girl by Mark Pearson
The Translator by Alan Sproles & Lizanne Southgate
The Vanishing Season by Jacqueline Curry
The Warden of the North March by Bruce Geisler
The Water Mark by Joseph Pillitteri
The Way of the Neanderthal by Michael Spohr
The Woman Pope by Nelson Clark
The Wrinkleman by Bryan Hilson
Those Who Wait by Rhonda Grimm
Tight by Per Muhlow & Anders Rasmusson
Timeframe by Gene Wolande
Tits by Gail Mackenzie-Smith
To Catch A Keeper by Mary Huckstep
Tomorrow by Doris B. Gill
True Prince by S.A. McGuinness
Tumolt The Dragon by Rod Humphrey
Tunnel by David Terruso
Upright Down by Glenn Forbes
Vacation Burnout by Thomas J. Herring
Vengence by Michael Mizov
Voices by Susan Klos
Waiting for the Train by Justo Rodriguez
Western Waters by Georgia Shreve
What Do You Want To Know? By Eric Percival
Who's She Gonna Tell by Abe Reinhartz
Wild West Adventures of Vonnie McCaul
Winter Pork by Kristie M. Fleming
X's and O'briens by George Krubski
Your Life Is Waiting by Ginia Desmond
Zero to Hero by A.D. Hrabe & Thomas Voorhies