Best Movie Title Contest



 2015 Best Movie Title 


Every year, the BlueCat Screenplay Competition holds a Movie Title Contest for all of our early short and feature-length screenplay submissions. All screenplay entries submitted to BlueCat by AUGUST 1st are eligible.


3 winners will  receive a $250 cash prize!


2015 Winners

Love You, Miss You, Bye by Thomas Brown

The Moustache Rides Again by Andrew Robbins

Twains, Trains and Riverboats: The Absolutely True Story of How Mark Twain Saved America by Patti Vasquez & Kevin Cleary


2014 Winners

A Love So Loud  by Heather Ferrell

Lies To Get Laid By  by Torkjell Stromme

The Sunny Side Of Down  by Luke Nut 


2013 Winners

Alcohol Was Involved by Casey Huckel

Minimizing Cows (How to Shrink Friends and Influence Cattle) by Ross Konikoff

Vlad the Inhaler! by Mark Lysgaard


2012 Winners

Army of None by Craig J. Swindell

Clinically Dad by Leo McGough

Flirtility by Kate Bennis and Nina Freedman


2010 Winners

Fall In Love, Damnit by Kamal Moo

To Live, Press 1 by Stephen Hoover

Champagne with the Socialists by Robert L Thompsett

Funemployment by Perry Patterson


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American screenwriting legend Robert McKee.

Naming Your Baby: How to Find a Great Title to your Screenplay


How exactly does one work on the title of their screenplay? I recently came up with such a wonderful idea for a movie, one of those miraculous moments, like finding money on the sidewalk. I told somebody, and they said, “Great. What’s the title?” Suddenly, and rather horrifyingly, my beauty of an idea is crippled. Instant orphaned bastard! You wanna strangle the person. You feel insulted. What’s the title!? Why would you even ask that, like, right after I told you this incredible gem?        

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