More Success Stories

Kateland Brown

After becoming a BlueCat finalist, Kateland went on to write for PRETTY LITTLE LIARS. Currently, she writes for the Freeform series FAMOUS IN LOVE

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Paras Borgohain


Paras Borgohain won the Roshon Award (Best Feature Screenplay from India) in 2016 with his screenplay Deepest, Darkest or How Not to LieCurrently, he writes for India’s Sesame Street show. Since winning BlueCat, he has signed writing contracts for two animated shows from Turner, including the popular Roll No.21.

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Lance Hammer

Lance Hammer was a BlueCat Finalist with his script An Imperfect Cell. Hammer went on to write and direct the critical indie Ballast, which premiered at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival and won the Directing Award. Ballast was a worldwide success and won 12 additional filmmaking awards.  






Young IL Kim

Young IL Kim (UTA/Arlook) won the BlueCat Screenplay Competition with his script Hyung’s Overture.

Since then, Kim’s screenplay Rodham, based on the early life of Hillary Clinton, topped the Blacklist. Currently, he’s a staff writer on the Showtime television series BILLIONS. He recently adapted The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt for Alex Timbers (MOZART IN THE JUNGLE) to direct. 



Doug Mallette

Doug Mallette was a finalist in the 2014 BlueCat Screenplay Competition with his dysfunctional-family-thriller, Bad House. Since then, Bad House has taken on a new title, THE FAMILY HURT, and is currently in pre-production. 

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Savion Einstein

Savion Einstein (Gersh) won the BlueCat Joplin Award with her heartfelt script, The Longest Birthday  – When a clinical trial in Israel fails to treat her young son’s cancer, a single mother takes him back home to Los Angeles to celebrate one more time. 

THE LONGEST BIRTHDAY is going into pre-production this year and will be directed by Maggie Peren.  Currently, Savy is penning a rewrite of her script Superfecundation for Sony’s Screen Gems. 



Eric Hueber

Texas Filmmaker, Eric Hueber (ICM/Against the Grain), was a BlueCat finalist for his script, Pisser. Following his BlueCat success, Eric wrote and directed his film Flutter which won the Audience Award at the Austin Film Festival in 2014. Later this year, Eric is slated to direct his screenplay, CHILDREN OF THE FIRE




Theodore Schaefer and Patrick Lawler 


Theodore Schaefer and Patrick Lawler placed as BlueCat finalists with their screenplay, Taking The Toll. After BlueCat, Theodore and Patrick wrote and directed, The Zeno Question, a short film starring Hannah Gross and Daniel Johnson.

This year, the filmmaking partners are developing the feature film GIVING BIRTH TO A BUTTERFLY, with producers Daryl Freimark and Caitlin Colford.  

Keep up with Theodore’s filmography here!





Nikki Tran


Nikki was a 2016 BlueCat Short Screenplay finalist for her script When We Run. “‘When We Run’ is a story born from experiences in my family’s history as well as current global events concerning refugees and the mass exodus of peoples fleeing war and oppression.”

Currently, Nikki is writing and producing the dramady web series FRESH! Her series is available to stream on YouTube and will screen at the LA Film Festival in September. Nikki is also developing a stage musical Six Days on a Leaky Boat

Read Nikki’s in-depth interview with BlueCat and follow her on Twitter!


Beanie Barnes

Beanie Barnes (Circle of Confusion) won the 2017 BlueCat Screenplay Competition Pilot Award for her suspenseful crime-drama WHITE SHOE U. The idea for the pilot came to Beanie after learning of a series of drug arrests at elite universities and was drawn from own experience at an Ivy League. Last year, Beanie was also a finalist for the Nicholls Screenwriting Fellowship. 

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Justin Piasecki

Justin Piasecki (CAA and Zero Gravity Management) placed as a finalist in BlueCat’s 2016 Screenplay Competition for his script, Death of an Ortolan. That same year, his script won the Nicholls Screenwriting Award.

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