A Letter to BlueCat


“Hi, Blue Cat ~

My name is Dion Cook.  Earlier this year, I entered Blue Cat with my screenplay entitled “Cutter.”  It did not make it beyond its initial entry point.  It did, of course, receive feedback analysis.

I just wanted to send what basically amounts to a combination thank you / fan letter update your way.

I felt I had written a pretty strong screenplay when I sent “Cutter” off to BlueCat.  I was confident and excited.  I anxiously awaited results.

I was, frankly, nonplussed and disheartened when I received my feedback reports and discovered that “Cutter” wasn’t nearly as good as I thought it to be.  The feedback details were in depth and quite illuminating.

Writing is such an isolated and isolating endeavor that it’s easy to reflexively think one’s work is superior to its unseen competitors.  It’s always humbling when one is promptly dissuaded of that assumption.  (Of course, it happens all the time with me, so I had no excuse for such presumptions in the first place!  LOL)

Anyway, after taking the requisite 3.25 hours to pout and stew about the “brutal, unrelentingly unfair and jarringly clueless” feedback, I sat down and gave the feedback reports the consideration and analysis they warranted.

I cogitated on what I read.  (And thank you for allowing me to use the word “cogitate” in a sentence.)  I reread “Cutter” a half-dozen more times — with the Blue Cat analysis as my tour guide.  I reflected and noted and rewrote in my head.

And then I rewrote for real — with your analysis as the tutor looking over my shoulder.

The result was a tighter, stronger, all around superior screenplay than what I had previously written.

This much-too-long e-mail is basically to thank you for the large role you played in “Cutter” going on to win the 2011 Austin Film Festival Best Original Screenplay award in the drama category, as well as for it being honored as a 2011 Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting winner.

I just got back from AFF, and I talked to a number of young, hungry screenwriters.  I think I must have mentioned Blue Cat and the work you guys do at least a hundred times.  I can honestly say that “Cutter” would have never achieved the success it has without Blue Cat.

Thank you so much for your part in making this a very exciting and rewarding 2011.  I hope this e-mail brings a smile to your face; writing it brings one to mine.

Thanks, guys!

Dion Cook   :-“


No – thank you, Dion! All of us here at BlueCat are so proud of your achievements, and we’re just thrilled that our feedback was useful to you.

Dion’s story shows the value of entering the BlueCat Screenplay Competition: Your entry fee doesn’t just get you a shot at the prize money; it gets you written analysis for your script, ensuring that whether you win or not, your script will get better. If you don’t believe us, just ask Dion!

-The Bluecat Team