Chuck McClelland

What was the first year you entered BlueCat?


Why did you start writing screenplays?

After writing plays for some time, I took a screenplay workshop and found the form intriguing.

How many screenplays have you finished?

Over a dozen full-length and around ten short pieces.

How do you find time to write?

There are usually times available between projects such a directing plays or working in film as a SAG actor.

What aspects of the writing process do you struggle with the most?

Getting started, getting stuck, and constantly revising.

What do you feel you do well as a screenwriter?

Dialogue, mood, description, and action.

How does screenwriting make you happy?

When I realize that I’ve created something that works and that is unique.

What do you see is the biggest problem with storytelling in Hollywood?

Depending on remakes, sequels, and not taking a chance on fresh material.

How can you improve in how you handle feedback?

I should listen more and be less defensive.

What are your greatest fears about screenwriting?

Running out of ideas and repeating myself.

What is your highest screenwriting goal for yourself?

To actually see a screenplay of mine become a motion picture.

What do you do to achieve that goal?

See a lot of films, read screenplays, attend a writers group, enter contests, and read the entertainment papers and magazines.

What screenplay have you written which you feel most proud of and what’s it about?

“The Reddition,” which was optioned once and was under development. It’s about a young, idealistic monk who tries to bring change to a boys reformatory, only to face obstacles from a cruel and defiant staff.

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