Ask BlueCat Videos

Screenwriting Advice Video #28

“Who’s the best person to learn screenwriting from?  Where should you go to get better……….”

Screenwriting Advice Video #27

“What type of ARC in a screenplay has the most impact and when is the theme and through-line established?”

Screenwriting Advice Video #26

“I have writer’s block, what do I do?”  

“How does one get over a terrible bout with writer’s block? I have plenty
of ideas… but the second I sit down to actually write everything vanishes.”

Screenwriting Advice Video #25

“What is subtext? What are some examples?”

Screenwriting Advice Video #24

“I’ve written a great short script. What different routes are there (or

could there potentially be) to production?”

Screenwriting Advice Video #23

“They’re already making my screenplay. After spending 6 months on a script, I learned a movie was in production with not only a similar concept, but my title as well. What can I do?”

Screenwriting Advice Video #22

“Screenplay Criticism without Suggestions?”

“What’s the benefit of notes if no suggestions for solutions are offered?”

Screenwriting Advice Video #21

“Do Screenwriting How-to Books Work?”

“With the ridiculous proliferation of screenwriting how-to-books in the market amongst other forms of media offering help by script gurus have you seen any common mistakes or formulas that are leading burgeoning screenwriters down the wrong path?”


Screenwriting Advice Video #20

“How long does it take to write a great screenplay?”

Screenwriting Advice Video #19

Writers often wonder whether they need to attend film school to learn screenwriting.

” Should I go to film school?”

Screenwriting Advice Video #18

“How do you take a wide variety of notes on your screenplay?”

“How do you reconcile a number of different takes on your work?”

Screenwriting Advice Video #17

 “How do I win a screenplay competition?”

Screenwriting Advice Video #16

Using the Active Voice:  

“I’ve learned to write in an active voice, to avoid using words ending in “ing” and all forms of “being” (is, are, etc.), but most produced screenplays ignore this. What is a spec screenwriter to do?”

Screenwriting Tips Video #15

Developing the first act of two strong characters

Screenwriting Tips Video #14

“Where is the proper place to put characters’ actions in a script?”

Screenwriting Tips Video #13

“How do you write a compelling love story without setting it in an exotic location or making it a period piece?”

Screenwriting Tips Video #12

“I have heard that comedies do not typically win screenplay contests. Is this true?”

Screenwriting Tips Video #11

“How many BlueCat Scripts have gone on to win other awards?”

Screenwriting Tips Video #10

“Can the first scene of a script be gruesome?”

Screenwriting Tips Video #9

“Can you have a flashback within a flashback?”