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How To Write A Telephone Scene

What is the correct format for writing a telephone scene?

What Should You Do When You Get Out Of Film School?

Fresh out of Film School? What’s next? Check out this video of Gordy reassuring young filmmakers that the best is yet to come! And yes, pizza is involved…

The Art of The Script Rewrite

Gordy stresses the importance of rewrites and why constantly editing your screenplay is crucial to the creative process. 

How to Overcome Writer’s Block

Stuck in a rut? Gordy shares some advice on how to overcome writer’s block and find inspiration!

How Important is Genre?

How important is adopting a specific genre when writing a screenplay? Gordy explains the value of good storytelling when it comes to genre.

Managing Your Story Outline

Should you always stick with your screenplay outline? Gordy explains how a writer should trust their instincts and be loyal to the story and its characters.

The Importance of Short Screenplays

“Why is writing a short screenplay helpful for my screenwriting career?”

How To Stay Focused as a Writer

“How Can I Stay Focused as a Writer?”

How Often You Should Be Writing as a Screenwriter

“How Often Should I Be Writing as a Screenwriter?”

How to Defeat Writer’s Block

“How can I beat writer’s block as a screenwriter?”

How Important is Structure?

“How important is following a three-act structure in my screenplay?”

Networking and Promoting Your Script in the Film Industry

“How can I network and promote my script in the film industry?”

Addressing The Reader in Your Screenplay

“Can I talk to the reader in the description?”

Adapting a Book Into a Screenplay

“How can I adapt a book into a screenplay?”

Screenwriting Tips Video #34

“What time of the year is best to try and sell a screenplay?”

Screenwriting Tips Video #33

“When should I send my script to the industry? How patient should I be with my screenplay?”

Screenwriting Tips Video #32

“The Cinematic Image in Screenwriting”

Screenwriting Tips Video #31

“The relationship between the actor and the screenwriter: Do you have to like actors to be a screenwriter?”

Screenwriting Tips Video #30

“What is “voice” in a screenplay? How do action lines contribute to voice in a screenplay?”

Screenwriting Advice Video #29

“How to use montage in a screenplay, why use it in the first place?”