Ask BlueCat Videos

The Importance of Short Screenplays

“Why is writing a short screenplay helpful for my screenwriting career?”

How To Stay Focused as a Writer

“How Can I Stay Focused as a Writer?”

How Often You Should Be Writing as a Screenwriter

“How Often Should I Be Writing as a Screenwriter?”

How to Defeat Writer’s Block

“How can I beat writer’s block as a screenwriter?”

How Important is Structure?

“How important is following a three-act structure in my screenplay?”

Networking and Promoting Your Script in the Film Industry

“How can I network and promote my script in the film industry?”

Addressing The Reader in Your Screenplay

“Can I talk to the reader in the description?”

Adapting a Book Into a Screenplay

“How can I adapt a book into a screenplay?”

Screenwriting Tips Video #34

“What time of the year is best to try and sell a screenplay?”

Screenwriting Tips Video #33

“When should I send my script to the industry? How patient should I be with my screenplay?”

Screenwriting Tips Video #32

“The Cinematic Image in Screenwriting”

Screenwriting Tips Video #31

“The relationship between the actor and the screenwriter: Do you have to like actors to be a screenwriter?”

Screenwriting Tips Video #30

“What is “voice” in a screenplay? How do action lines contribute to voice in a screenplay?”

Screenwriting Advice Video #29

“How to use montage in a screenplay, why use it in the first place?”

Screenwriting Advice Video #28

“Who’s the best person to learn screenwriting from?  Where should you go to get better……….”

Screenwriting Advice Video #27

“What type of ARC in a screenplay has the most impact and when is the theme and through-line established?”

Screenwriting Advice Video #26

“I have writer’s block, what do I do?”  

“How does one get over a terrible bout with writer’s block? I have plenty
of ideas… but the second I sit down to actually write everything vanishes.”

Screenwriting Advice Video #25

“What is subtext? What are some examples?”

Screenwriting Advice Video #24

“I’ve written a great short script. What different routes are there (or

could there potentially be) to production?”

Screenwriting Advice Video #23

“They’re already making my screenplay. After spending 6 months on a script, I learned a movie was in production with not only a similar concept, but my title as well. What can I do?”